There are three selections of the most vital ‘time manipulation ability’ in manga and anime.

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“Time operation” ability that can be fine-tuned and has no gaps

In the real world, the flow of time only flows in one direction, and there is nothing for humans to do, but in the two-dimensional world, there are many terrifying abilities to manipulate “time”. This time, I will introduce three frightening time manipulation abilities drawn in manga and anime.

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Diavolo’s “King Crimson” …… Foresee the future and erase time

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” has had many time-operated stand abilities, but the most vicious one is the 5th division Las Boss, Diavolo’s stand “King Crimson”.

This ability can “erase” time for any length of about a dozen seconds. When the time is erased, the other person can only see the result of their actions and cannot recognize the process. And since only Diabolo and “King Crimson” can move freely in the time when they disappeared, even if they are attacked, they can wrap around behind the opponent and fight back. Even if you are shot with a bullet, you will not hit yourself if you erase the time. Only the result of hitting another one will remain.

In addition, the ability called “Epitaph” can predict the future in a dozen seconds ahead on the screen, so it was an unbeatable stand that could activate the ability to erase time accordingly.

“Toriko” Kao Skydia …… Create a unique space and advance the time at once.

Deer King Skydia, one of the eight kings of the beasts who rule the gourmet world, appeared in the gourmet battle manga “Toriko”. With a length of 60,000 meters and a capture level of 6450, the best weapon of this strongest creature is the ability to create a “back channel” space that advances time faster and traps opponents.

In the final battle with the last boss, “Neo”, we trapped the opponent in this space and added an accelerated time attack so that “1000 years in 1 second” would pass. Details are unknown, but there seems to be no limit to the speed or range of progress. Furthermore, when the beasts living in the forest at the corner of the deer king are sent into the space to fight, only the beasts are not affected by the acceleration of time. It is scary that delicate operations are possible. It’s too much ability.

“Time stop” should be the most robust class, but …

“Dies irae” Ren Fujii’s “Einfaust Finale” …… Accelerate yourself and stagnate your surroundings

The third ability of the popular game “Dies Irae -Also Sprach Zarathustra-” and the main character of the anime version “Dies Irae”, Ren Fujii, “Einfaust Finale” is the third ability of Father Pucci of “JoJo”. It has a similar ability to “Made in Heaven”, but it is even more powerful.

Put, the ability to “accelerate yourself and stagnate the other party in inverse proportion to it”. If the lotus is 100 times faster, the opponent will be 100 times slower, resulting in a 10,000 times difference in speed. The range of abilities extends to everything that the lotus can see.

Due to the settings in work, the two leaders and the three captains were able to resist this ability, but if this ability is activated, it will usually be over.

Extra edition … “Dragon Ball” Ginyu Force, Gourd’s time stop ability

Starting with Jojo’s DIO stand “The World”, the most straightforward but powerful time control system is “time stop ability”. It should be ridiculously advantageous because only I can move while the other party is stopped.

Ginyu, one of the Ginyu Forces who appeared in the “Freeza Edition” of “Dragon Ball”, which is crowded with many strong men, was treated unfavourably for being able to use the “time stop ability”. It looks the weakest and weakest of all the special squadrons, and Krillin has evaluated it as “not a big deal at all.” the condition for using his time-stopping ability is “only while holding his breath”.

If you fight without breathing, your sustainability will not continue, and Gourd will fight using another ability, “Sleep Paralysis”, but lost to Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin. After all, “Dragon Ball” has a different standard of strength. Furthermore, using “time stop ability” to “stuck allies” is a waste. It can be said that it is a blind spot of the most potent class ability.

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