Official Hige Dandyism ‘Cry Baby’ has played the 10th song over 100 million times.

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Official Hige Dandyism “Cry Baby” has surpassed 100 million streaming views on the Billboard JAPAN chart. “Cry Baby” is a song written by Official Hige Dandyism as the TV anime ” Tokyo Revengers ” ‘s opening theme.

” Distribution started on May 7, 2021, and it is also included in the new album “Editorial,” released on August 18. Immediately after the release of this song, the intensity of the modulation and the lyrics and arrangements linked to “Tokyo Revengers” became a hot topic, and even on the streaming song chart, it marked the place on the chart released on May 19, 2021. , Sept around the top 10. It will be shown on large music programs such as “THE MUSIC DAY” and “2021 FNS Kayosai Natsu” in July.

The performance video of this song was released on YouTube, and the popularity of “Tokyo Revengers” became more and more popular due to the release of the live-action movie. Ascend. In the chart released on August 11, in the 14th week of the chart-in, the song reached the highest number of 3rd place in the week. “Cry Baby” is Official Hige Dandism’s 10th song in total and the first song released in 2021 to break through 100 million times.

The songs that have been played over 100 million times so far are “1.15 million kilograms of film,” “No Doubt,” “Stand By You,” released in 2018, “Pretender,” “Fate,” and “Yesterday” released in 2019, “I. “LOVE,” “Parabola,” and “Laughter” will be released in 2020. Official Hige Dandyism will hold an online free live on YouTube’s official channel on the 28th. Billboard JAPAN’s weekly streaming song chart “Streaming Songs” shows GfK Japan’s all-you-can-listen on-demand domestic music service (Amazon Music (Unlimited and music streaming for Prime members), Apple Music, AWA, Google Play. Music, HMVmusic, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, Rec Music, Spotify), playlist-type streaming service (diets, Utapass), and YouTube Music provided by MRC Data are added up.

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