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The TV animation of ” Ishura ” (original: Silicon, Dengeki no Shinbungei / published by KADOKAWA), which won first place in the book/novels category of “Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! 2021” (posted by Takarajimasha), will be viewed worldwide on Disney Plus. It was decided that it would be distributed unlimitedly.

This work is set in a world where the demon king, terrified all over the horizon, has been overthrown by someone. A battle fantasy that unfolds further battles to decide. More than ten main characters will appear in the play, and gorgeous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji, Rena Ueda, Jun Fukuyama, and Akio Otsuka will also appear. Are gathering.

A girl who is still in the midst of excessive violence even after the Demon King has fallen. Even though her best friend had taken her life, she could not do anything. “Sojiro Yagyu. I am the last Yagyu on earth.” She is a girl who has been saved from her peril many times, but her feelings for her swordsman, who still wants her struggle, eventually turn into her hatred. She changes her belief that “I will kill this man. In this world, there is a ‘strong man’ who can do that” to her hope to live, and the girl begins to walk with the swordsman.

” Ishura ” is available for unlimited viewing worldwide on Disney Plus (excluding mainland China). The settings of the characters that appear are as follows.

Willow sword Soujiro (CV: Yuki Kaji )

A swordsman from another world calls himself “the last Yagyu on earth.” He is a battle fanatic who never loses his pace no matter the situation, always enjoys slashing and seeks to fight strong opponents. He is equipped with supreme swordsmanship that can instantly identify the enemy’s weak points and cut even massive structures with a blunt sword.

Distant Claw Yuno (CV: Rena Ueda )

Bachelor of Nagan Labyrinth City. She was attacked by a golem that suddenly emerged from the Great Labyrinth, and after losing her best friend, Lucellus, she vowed revenge against the strong. Soujiro and heads save her for Huangdu with him.

Ars Hoshihase (CV: Jun Fukuyama )

A wyvern adventurer who was born with three arms. He wields magical weapons and tools with high proficiency, which he has obtained by traversing numerous legends. He is quiet and detached but greatly desires treasure and legend.

Silent Hargend (CV: Akio Otsuka )

Sixth General of the Twenty-Nine Huangdu Officials. Although he has a strong sense of achievement, he is ridiculed as “Mushiri” because he subjugates birds and dragons. He is an accomplished military officer and has extensive experience in anti-aircraft combat. He has a deep connection with Hoshihase Ars.

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