‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is at the top! The best opening record in the ‘Thor’ series

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In the second week of July, the US box office was again vital, with Disney’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” leading the competition and taking the lead. With a production cost of $ 250 million, this superhero movie recorded box office revenue of $ 143 million. The recovery rate of “Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness” of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which was produced for 200 million dollars and earned 185 million dollars in the first week, wasn’t, but it was still a solid summer season for Disney. In addition, it has the highest opening record for the “Thor” series, surpassing the $ 122.7 million of the previous work “Mighty Thor Battle Royale,” released in 2017.

“Thor: Love and Thor” is the 29th MCU work and the 4th in a series in which Chris Hemsworth plays Thor. Taika Waititi of “Jojo Rabbit” was the director following the previous work. Hemsworth, Natalie Portman of “Black Swan,” Christian Bale of “Ford vs. Ferrari,” Russell Crowe of “Les Miserables (2012)” and other gorgeous casts are co-starring.

Universal’s feature-length animation “Minions Fever” has expanded the screening hall but dropped one place from last week and ranked in second place. The second week’s revenue was $ 45.5 million, down 57.4%. With cumulative revenues of $ 210 million, it has become the most successful animated film in 22 years.

Similarly, Universal’s “Jurassic World New Ruler” raised $ 8.4 million in revenue in the fifth week and retreated to fifth place. With a cumulative gain of $ 350 million, it is the fourth best-performing work released in 2010. Also, A24’s “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (original title)” is in the top 10. As a result of the expanded release, we earned $ 340,000 in revenue in the third week. This work is a mockumentary that depicts walking mollusks, a mixture of animation and live-action, and is based on 10-year short energy.

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