Announcement of the central staff of ‘Teppen,’ where high school girls aim for the pinnacle of laughter. The general director is Shinji Takamatsu of ‘Gintama’.

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The central staff of the TV anime “Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was announced, and it was revealed that Shinji Takamatsu of the “Gintama” series would serve as the general director. At the same time, a dither visual is also shown.

This work is based on the manga “Teppen !!!” serialized in “Monthly Bushiroad.” In the manga version, the unit “Voice Actor Three Sisters [Team Y],” in which Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasa Ito are active on YouTube, cooperates with the draft, and three high school girls are at the top of laughter in Osaka. The figure you are aiming for is drawn. In the anime version, Ito will play the role of Yayoi Sakamoto, the main character, Aimi, will play the role of Yomogi Takahashi, and Sasaki will play the role of Yuzu Hosono.

In addition to the general director Shinji Takamatsu, the director is Yasuhiro Watanabe of “Tokyo Ghoul: re,” the series composition is Jun Kumagai, the character design is Yoshiyuki Okubo, and the drive of “Vlad Love handles the animation production.”

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