A trailer features popular characters from the novel ‘hybrid live-action CG animation’ movie that depicts the adventures of Chip and Dale.

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Disney +’s original movie “Chip and Dale’s Great Strategy Rescue Rangers,” which depicts Chip and Dale’s popular Disney anime characters, will be exclusively distributed from May 20th. At the same time, the trailer. The video is a live-action world, with a novel finish in which 2D animation chips and 3D animation Dale develop an adventure.

Chip’n’Dale is a chipmunk name combination that has been loved worldwide since its screen debut with “Pluto Pluto” in 1943. In “Chip and Dale’s Great Operation Rescue Rangers” (1989), which accelerated its popularity, a rescue team was formed with unique friends. Chip, which everyone can rely on as a leader, and Dale, who sometimes annoys the group, shows an exquisite combination while confronting a complex case with an idiot. Thirty years after the series, this work turns from the glorious days of the past and weaves a new story of Chip and Dale facing a severe reality.

Chip and Dale made a breakthrough in the anime series and dominated the world. The two lived a dream life, but their glory did not last long. The series was abruptly discontinued, while Chip was a salesman for an insurance company in the suburbs. At the same time, Dale underwent “CG surgery” and worked at the “Nostalgia Convention Circuit,” where nostalgic stars gathered in the glorious days of the past. I was thinking. One day, a former co-star disappears mysteriously. Chip and Dale, who have been on different paths to save the friend, decide to become “Rescue Rangers” again.

The trailer with the familiar theme song is set in modern Los Angeles, far from the world of past anime series. Dale, who underwent surgery, is drawn in CG animation in the live-action world. The chip is removed in 2D animation as before, and a “hybrid live-action CG animation” beyond imagination that mixes “three worlds” You can experience it.

In addition to novel images, the highlights are Chip’n’Dale’s “realistic” story, which knows the acidity and sweetness of society, and scenes where punchy humor explodes. In addition, Roger Rabbit, “Indy Jones” shop, Scrooge McDuck, “Star Wars” spaceship-like scenes, Aladdin-like back view, “Cats” -inspired cat humans, etc. Characters from various movies have appeared.

The key visual is a live copy of the back-to-back Chip and Dale combination. Akiva Schaffer, director of the US variety show “Saturday Night Live,” takes the megaphone, John Mulaney (“Spider-Man: Spider-Birth”) is the chip, and Andy Samberg (“Palm Springs”) is the voice of Dale. In addition to serving as JK Simmons (“session”) also participates.

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