TikTok Over 470,000 followers! Animated video of the popular character “Doro Bear” that heals just by looking at it is now available on “GYAO!”

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Cuong Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhiro Mizuno, after this referred to as “our company”) has an animation of the popular character “Dorobear,” which we are in charge of licensing, on the free video distribution service “GYAO!” December 3, 2021. We will inform you that the delivery will start from the day.

We have a domestic exclusive master license for the popular character “Dorobear,” born in China and has more than 17.6 million followers. And have been developing the licensed business in Japan since March 2020. TikTok has grown into a popular character with more than 470,000 followers, but this is the first time that content has been distributed through a video distribution service.

“Doro Bear” distribution animation A small and cute succulent plant Doro Bear. However, it died under the care of my husband, who didn’t care for me and was thrown away in the trash. Fortunately, the owner of the botanical shop passed by and found him by chance. The owner’s uncle took good care of Doro Bear every day. And the cute succulent spirit, Dorobear, was born.

We will deliver a healing and full animation of such Doro Bear.

A bear character born in 2016 from WITZONE (Shanghai, China). Animation started in 2017 ・ It is gaining popularity mainly in a 3D short animation. Doro, a bear boy, develops a story with his friends on exciting and fun things every day.

It is trendy in China and has 17.6 million followers on SNS, 1.3 million followers on Weibo (as of November 2021), and more than 50 goods licenses. Females in their teens to 30s are the leading target group, but it is a character loved by many people, from children to adults.

Kuon is a company that connects people with characters and makes the world happy. In partnership with LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc., the cumulative number of stamp downloads has exceeded 5 billion. We expand our licensing business to Asia and have offices in Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. In the NFT area, the “CryptoCrystal” project was launched in 2018, and the total distribution amount will be 1,200 ETH by September 2021. “CryptoCrystal” operation has been transferred to DAO.

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