‘Tokyo Revengers’ ‘A man who falls in love with a man’ Keisuke Bachi appears. What actor would you like to make into a live-action film?

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The live-action movie was released on July 9, and the original and anime continue to gain momentum due to the synergistic effect of “Tokyo Revengers.” From the 14th episode of the anime, we entered the new chapter, “Blood Halloween. ” Keisuke Baji, a character popular with the original readers, has made a full-scale appearance. Takemichi decided to become the top swastika and made a timely leap again. However, as soon as he decided how to eliminate Tetsuta Rare Saki, who made the eastern swastika a many evil, in the past, Rare Saki was appointed as the captain of the vacant eastern swastika. Members also complain that Rare Saki, a former Aimi lord (Mobius), will enter the swastika, but Mikey needs the power of Rare Saki to fight the colossal organization, Valhalla. I don’t care. Takemichi beats Rare Saki with the words of modern Naoto, “The Flashback is Rare Saki.” Of course, the eastern swastika executives are not silent about the outrage of Takemichi, who is not a member. While Mitsuya and Smiley appeared, Keisuke Bachi appeared with a fearless smile.

The appearance of long hair fluttering is like a villain if you cut it out for a moment. At least in a place where there was no fragment of kindness, I hit Takemichi continuously. It’s a mad dog to hit him while laughing. From the fact that the rally was banned due to the inner circle, it can be seen that the hands had been put out before the words. Furthermore, he tells Mikey, who is praising the behavior of the site, “I’m going to Baeryu Hara, don’t you have a problem, child?”, And the place leaves. Mikey reveals to Takemichi the past of the site. When I hit a person who passed by just because I was sleepy and lit a car because I was hungry, there were many great episodes, but Mikey, who talked about the place seems happy. Yes, Mikey loves the site. If you list only the 14th episode of the anime, the address is a ridiculous mad dog, but it will be transparent in this second season why Mikey loves him and why he goes to Baeryu Hara. ..

From the standpoint of the original reader, what can be said to the extent that it does not become a big spoiler is that the place is “a man who falls in love with a man.” The episode with Ichitora was drawn in the center of the primary visual of the second season and appeared in a meaningful form at the end of episode 14. Chifuyu, one of the most popular characters among the original readers, is inevitable. What kind of thought did the address appear in this rally and the first contest with Takemichi? I want you to remember this episode 14 later on what kind of situation Tact was in. the live-action version of “Tokyo Revengers” has been praised by actors such as Takumi Kitamura’s Takemichi Ryo Yoshizawa’s Mikey, and Yuki Yamada’s Draken. There doesn’t seem to be a place in this live-action version, but if a sequel to the live-action version is to be produced, it’s probably about “Blood Halloween.” Who is the right person for the role of the place? On SNS, Go Ayano, who had the same long black hair as the place in “Crows Zero II,” Shuntaro Yanagi, Keisuke Watanabe, Masaki Suda, Yuya Yagira because they can balance madness and masculineness as actors who also look good with long hair. The name etc. were mentioned.

All the actors seem to be suitable, but it is not straightforward to embody the action that expresses the unwavering strength of the place and the masculineness that attracts the surroundings. Imagine the live-action actors of the characters that will appear in the future, such as Ichitora and Chifuyu, and the place, which seems to be one of the pleasures of the second season. * Shuntaro Yanagi’s “Yanagi” is officially written in the old font.

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