Call for works for the 24th Niigata Manga Awards.

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Works will be accepted from August 1st (Sun)!

To convey the joy of manga creation and the richness of manga’s expression from Niigata, we are looking for works at the “24th Niigata Manga Awards”. The feature is that the editors of famous manga magazines, including Mr. Mineo Maya, a manga artist from Niigata City, will judge. Some people made their debut as manga artists after applying. Would you mind sending your masterpiece? In addition, a video on how to draw manga is available on the Niigata Manga Awards website. (Videos that you can learn while stepping up will be released one after another!)

Must arrive from August 1st (Sun) to September 21st (Tue), 3rd year of Reiwa

・ General section Story manga section (within 40 pages)

・ General section Frame manga section (1-4 frames, within eight pages)

・ High school student section (story manga: 40 pages or less, frame manga: 1-4 frames, eight pages or less)

・ Junior high school students (story manga: 40 pages or less, frame manga: 1-4 frames, eight pages or less)

・ Elementary school students (story manga: 40 pages or less, frame manga: 1-4 frames, eight pages or less)

・ Comic illustration section * Infants and elementary school students only (1)

Result announcement method and schedule

Scheduled for December 3rd year of Reiwa

 (On the Niigata Manga Awards website. We will contact the winners directly.)

・ Limited to unpublished, original works (those published in Doujinshi are acceptable).

・ The dialogue should be in Japanese.

・ Up to 5 entries can be submitted per person in each category.

・ Even if you have applied for other manga awards in the past, you can use them if it is a rejected work. However, please refrain from submitting the same position to other manga awards at the same time.

・ Professionals and amateurs do not matter.

・ If you give a pen name, the result announcement, work collection, etc., will all be the pen name.

・ All manuscripts will be returned. (Work by submitting digital drawing data will not be returned)

Works that are semi-selected or higher will be returned one year after the decision to judge. They will be used for publication (part or all) in the collection of works to be sold after the decision to think, an exhibition of results, and posting on the Internet.

・ If the winner is a minor, the parent or guardian’s consent is required to receive the prize money.

・ The publishers who participated in the screening may contact the applicants through the executive committee secretariat.

・ We may contact applicants about the future manga business in Niigata City.

971-7, 6 Bancho, Furumachidori, Chuo-ku, Niigata

Niigata City Manga House Niigata Manga Awards Section

・ Please prepare according to the regulations of the paper manuscript and mail it together with the application form.

・ You can bring it directly to the Niigata City Manga House (opening hours: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm / closed on Wednesdays, the next weekday if it is a national holiday).

・ All manuscripts will be returned. When applying, please enclose a reply envelope with the required amount of stamps and the return address, whether by mail or carry-on. If you do not have a reply envelope with stamps, we will return it by cash on delivery, but it may be expensive.

・ Please write the title of your work in red on the back of the application envelope and reply envelope.

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