Toru Furuya has another ‘hero of the work that remains in the history of anime,’ ‘honor.’

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Saudi Arabia’s animation production company “Manga Production” and Japanese long-established “Toei Animation” signed an agreement on joint production of animation content in 2017, and the animation movie “Journey: The Story of Miracles and Battles in the Ancient Arabian Peninsula” will be released in Japan from the 25th. An interview with Toru Furuya, the voice actor who played the main character Aus, has arrived about the charm of this work.

Set in the ancient Arabian Peninsula, this work depicts the Meccan people, including Aus, confronting the invader Abraha and opening up the future with the power to believe in themselves and their friends as entertainment full of human drama and action. Work. The production was done in both Tokyo and Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions produced the elemental composition and concept of the film. A team of producers, artists, and writers reflected the culture and beliefs of the Arabian Peninsula at the core of their work. In response, Toei Animation produced high-quality images that are world-class. What kind of impression did you have when you learned that it was a collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Japan? [Furuya] I was astonished and thought that it was proof that Japanese animation was loved worldwide.

The realization of this work was a moving event for me. Moreover, it was a great honor to play the main character of such a work that remains in the history of anime. What kind of character did you think Aus was? [Furuya] I have an account of committing sins, and I believe that he is a person who lives a turbulent life and is a character with profoundly human nature. Are there any commonalities between the heroes you have played and Aus? [Furuya] Many of the heroes I have played are competent and overwhelmingly strong from the beginning. They can confront the difficulties by squeezing the courage in their hearts, and by adding some force to them, they can defeat the mighty enemies. The last important thing is the strength of the heart. That is common in Aus. Have you ever been conscious of playing Aus? [Furuya] I wanted to be like a normal human being without becoming too strong. He is a person who can exert his power because he has a belief in his heart. I was conscious that no matter how many times I was defeated, I would never give up and stand up. That is the scene that I thought was the coolest as a man, so I want to play it carefully. Did you? Are there any scenes that left an impression on you? [Furuya] This is a scene where you apply the eye shadow that you received from Hindus. When Aus is prepared in this way, the fighting spirit of his allies is inspired. I was very impressed to see the connection with Hindus. This movie is a work that has many moving scenes, including the climax. What kind of attitude do you face the character you play? [Furuya] First of all, it is crucial to understand the work and its role. After reading the script and understanding the worldview, character position, and feelings, write it in detail in the margin of the writing and put it in your head. Next, I practice by myself while watching the video, but at that time, I also try to speak out while moving my body a little like the character on the screen. As you move forward, the nuances of the lines will change from when you say it while standing, and the reality will also come out. After simulating my role, I try to believe in the sensibilities that spring up in my heart during the actual performance.

About the work and more What is necessary for a person to live as a person? Isn’t the power of belief born from human nature bringing hope? This work appeals to the people of the world through the way of life of Aus. They screened with English subtitles at the same time as Japanese dubbing. English-speaking people in Japan can also enjoy it. The director is a hitmaker known for the movie “Detective Conan” series (2011-17) and “GODZILLA Monster Planet.”Kobun Shizuno. The main character, Aus, was played by Toru Furuya, such as “Detective Conan” (role of Toru Amuro) and “Mobile Suit Gundam” (part of Amuro Ray). Abraham the role of the enemy “Yakuza” ( Kazuma Kiryu role), “magic around the war” ( night moth Masamichi Takashiya Kuroda of the part). Aus’ wife Hind is Kotono Mitsuishi in “Sailor Moon” (Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino) and “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (Misato Katsuragi). Hiroshi Kamiya of “Attack on Titan” (role of Levi) and “ONE PIECE” (role of Trafalgar Law) as Aus’s childhood friend Zurara. Captain Nizari is Yuichi Nakamura, such as “Osomatsu-san” (part of Karamatsu Matsuno).

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