Fans Disappointed By Record Of Ragnarok Animation

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The record of Ragnarok is trending because of poor animation quality!
Anime fans compare the animation quality to “The Way of the Househusband,” calling the animation a slide show presentation.
Here are some of the Tweets:
“Nah, why Record of Ragnarok make melodies vs. Escanor look like a 10/10 fight.”
“The Record of Ragnarok anime had so much potential, man. But, now I know how it feels to be a manga reader, and your source material gets a weak anime adaptation.”
“Record of Ragnarok just turned into another. “Read the manga, bro. It’s better.”
“Record of Ragnarok trending, and it’s because the anime is so bad.”

Netflix has launched all episodes of Record of Ragnarok this June 17; however, soon after release, many fans of the original manga shared their disappointment on social media and Twitter.

Record of Ragnarok started in 2017 as a manga series in Japan titled Shuumatsu no Walk├╝re. It’s a battle manga featuring various mythological figures and divinities fighting each other. Fans highly awaited an anime adapting the manga’s over-the-top scenes.

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