‘Transformers’ Bumble becomes a beautiful girl who is too cute!!

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“fight! Based on “Super Robot Life Form Transformers,” “Bumble” becomes a beautiful girl and three-dimensional! “TRANSFORMERS Bishoujo Transformers Bumble 1/7 Scale Completed Figure” is currently accepting reservations at “AmiAmi,” a significant figure and hobby mail order company.

“Transformers (TF)” is content created by Takara Tomy that originates from Japanese toys. “Robots in disguise” = The unique concept of “robots freely transforming into and hiding in all sorts of objects around us,” and super robot lifeforms that can transform freely are staged in space. It is unfolding with an epic story that fights.

After the toys were released in the United States in 1984, animation and comics became a big hit, and in 1985 toy sales and animation started in Japan. In 2007, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay made it into a live-action movie in Hollywood, becoming a big hit worldwide.

It has become a prevalent character, with sales of more than 500 million units in more than 130 countries and regions worldwide.

Such a transformer is a beautiful girl! ? Hasbro, Takara Tomy, and Kotobukiya’s third series are the peace-loving Cybertron (Autobot) “Bumble”!

The first work, “Fight! Based on “Super Robot Lifeform Transformers” (commonly known as G1), Mr. Shunya Yamashita has arranged it into a BISHOUJO figure. A yellow hoodie with a horn is combined with a light blue inner and belt to reproduce the color scheme of the robot mode.

Also, pay attention to the petite and cute Bumble style, the arm cover design, and the hem of the short pants that incorporate the body mold.

In addition, the base is the logo mark of “Cybertron” with dazzling metallic paint.

If you decorate it side by side with Megatron and Convoy that have appeared so far, the world view will expand!

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