‘Lycorice Recoil’ and ‘ALIVE’! Memorable scenes told by ClariS

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“ALIVE,” which attracted a lot of attention as the OP theme for the TV anime “Lycorice Recoil” last year, will be released as a limited edition. In addition to “ALIVE,” “Loop,” “Wasurettemoyo” and “ALIVE -TV MIX-” included in the single released last year, “ALIVE LycoReco Version,” “ALIVE – From THE FIRST TAKE” and “ALIVE” Includes all versions.

The jacket is a newly drawn LP size, and it is a premium one with unique specifications, such as a poster included.

The two said that “ALIVE” is a special song for ClariS. In the second half, we asked about the “ALIVE LycoReco Version” that played in the final episode of “Licorico” and about “ClariS SPRING LIVE 2023 ~Neo Sparkle~” to be held in May.

Despite the excitement of the battle scene, I almost cried.

Are any scenes in “Ricoriko” that left a powerful impression on you?

Clara: In the battle scene of the final episode, the battle scene with “ALIVE” playing in the background had a climactic feel and made my heart skip a beat.

Karen: The song starts playing when Senzoku reminisces. It was very dramatic, and I thought, “This is where it flows!”

The “ALIVE LycoReco Version” played in the final episode is also included in this limited edition.

Karen: The agency knew which scene it would play in, but we asked them not to say it!

Clara: I was surprised that just by changing the background sound, it could become so grandiose and convey more emotion. In addition, there was a sense of synchronizing with Senzoku and Takina’s feelings, and while the battle scenes were exciting, I felt like I was about to cry and was very moved.

Karen: Only one chorus is used for the TV size, which is also included in this work. “ALIVE” expresses the worldview of the anime through one song, so it’s not like “everything is connected at the end,” but it’s a development where you can enjoy the song in its entirety, and I’m both moved and excited.

I wanted to deliver “ALIVE” in front of everyone with all my heart, but I couldn’t help. However, we were able to try different ways of singing and arranging one song, and I feel that “ALIVE” made us grow a lot.

What kind of new calls will be born in “ALIVE”?

When you sang “ALIVE” for the encore at the winter concert last year, you weren’t allowed to speak your voice yet, but the moment the intro was played, you couldn’t help but hear cheers leaking out.

Karen: From the audience, I could feel the atmosphere of holding back even though they wanted to get excited. I wondered what would happen if the whole venue felt the same heat as us at a live show where it was OK to speak out. The joy of singing “ALIVE” remains.

Clara: In our live performances before the corona crisis, we often received calls, so I’m excited that “ALIVE” will also have new calls.

Held the first “Fan Voting Project” to see what would be ranked high

“ClariS SPRING LIVE 2023 ~Neo Sparkle~” will be held at Zepp Haneda in Tokyo on May 6th and 7th.

Clara: It’s been a long time since we’ve performed at a live house. Unlike concerts, which focus on storytelling and show-like charm, live performances are based on the assumption that they will be lively, so I’m thinking about the setlist.

Karen: We believe that live performance is something everyone at the venue creates together, so we are currently holding a “Fan Voting Project” (application deadline: the end of February). The idea is to make a ranking with only the original songs recorded on the album and couplings, excluding the single title song, and set up a corner to show the top 5 songs in the setlist.

Please tell us your predictions about which songs will likely come out on top.

Clara: The first track on the concept mini-album, “SPRING TRACKS -Haru no Uta-” “Hirahira Hirara,” is trendy among the fans, and since it’s a spring live, it’s ranked high. I expect that they will come in.

Karen: I think the coupling song “Koimachi Kaguya” of the 22nd single “Fight!!” will also be included in the Japanese style.

Clara: The early coupling songs will likely come in quite a bit.

Karen: Of course, starting with “ALIVE,” we’ll be singing a lot of popular anime theme songs, so people who are new to ClariS will be able to enjoy it, and those who have been here before will be able to say, “Finally this song.” I think you’ll be able to feel the joy of hearing it live!” Please look forward to it.

“Neo Sparkle” manifests ClariS’s spirit of inquiry and ambition.

What feelings did you put into the title “Neo Sparkle”?

Clara: Last year, we took on a lot of new challenges, such as “ALIVE” and “Masquerade.” But this is not the end. We put our feelings of wanting to go further.

Karen: “Neo Sparkle” means “new glitter or sparkle.” It is also a manifestation of our curious mind that we want to discover more of it, but it also contains ClariS’s ambition to “aim higher.” I’m sure there will be many new encounters, so I’m looking forward to it.

I look forward to delivering “ALIVE” in front of the cast.

Have you ever been to Zepp Haneda?

Karen: First time.

Clara: Right from Haneda Airport, suitable? I am grateful that I can enter the venue from the airport in that flow (laughs).

In front of the venue is a place called “Footbath Sky Deck.”

Clara: Great.

Karen: Let’s go in before the live (laughs)!

Also, on February 11th, at the Sumida Trinity Hall Large Hall, “Cafe Licorico Presents After Party! Tomorrow is another day”, he will appear with the cast members.

Clara: Of course, I will sing “ALIVE,” but I am looking forward to delivering “ALIVE” together with the world view of “Ricorico” in front of the cast.

Have you met the cast members such as Chika Anzai, who plays Senzoku, and Shion Wakayama, who plays Taking?

Clara: I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Anzai and Mr. Wakayama when I appeared as a guest on “Ricorico Radio,” distributed on the Internet. At the winter concert at the end of last year, Mr. Wakayama came to see us.

Karen: It’s my first time meeting the other cast members, so I’m looking forward to meeting them.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to distribute them to everyone in the office and eat them together.

The next day, on the 12th, you will perform at “Odaiba!! By the way, do you make Valentine’s Day every year?

Karen: Every year, it’s customary for us to make sweets we want to eat and distribute them to the office staff so they can eat them together.

Clara: For the past few years, we’ve been making requests to each other, saying, “I want to eat this.”

What are you planning to make this year?

Karen: What do you like? Anything with chocolate flavor is fine.

Canelé or something?

Clara: There is also a canelé covered in chocolate. But it’s tough.

Karen: Listen, I won’t do canelé because it’s a high hurdle (laughs).

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