‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ The ‘bathing scene’ is necessary for the swordsmith’s village edition Mitsuri Kanroji’s deep meaning other than ‘sex appeal.’

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The following content contains spoilers for upcoming anime and comics that have already been published.

Hashira, who was Mitsuri’s “master” when he was young, is this person. It’s the “bathing scene” of Mitsuri Kanroji, the love pillar. The scene in which Mitsuri enters the hot spring with bare skin was once criticized for being unnecessary” sex appeal. “However, having a “hot spring” in the swordsmith’s village has a significant meaning. Mitsuri has to show her “flesh” at the hot springs. Consider why.

Mitsuri’s uniform design caused controversy, but Mitsuri doesn’t fit into any type. Despite this, from the time of serialization, there were frequent comments that Kanroji Mitsuri was in charge of “sex appeal. ” It was also because she is a user of “Koi no Breath” and that her reason for enlisting was “to find a gentleman to marry.” 

However, as the story progressed, Mitsuri’s popularity grew, and as the readers learned of her strong determination and readiness to dedicate herself to her demon slaying, those voices became quieter. Some negative opinions remain about the bathing scene and her open-chested uniform design. Other than Mitsuri, none of the female soldiers wear uniforms that reveal a lot. In the case of Kanao Kurihana, although her legs are protruding, she wears boots that go up to her knees: Kocho Shinobu, a “pillar” like Mitsuriis, completely bare from wrist to ankle. 

On the other hand, Mitsuri’s uniform has a wide opening at the chest, and the hem of her uniform is short, with a length that extends to her thighs. In the 12th volume of the comic, “Mitsuri-chan’s Uniform,” the sewing staff Masao Maeda (commonly known as Gesu Megane) made her a uniform with an open chest, and Mitsuri became her bright red. 

There is an episode where he is embarrassed by his face. Although she rejected other female soldiers with similar uniforms, she continued wearing her mitsuri. I wonder why the author Koyoharu Gotouge chose to emphasize Mitsuri’s body, including her bathing scene. Mitsuri’s “special” body: She has Zparticular “muscles,” and the secret to her talent as a swordsman lies in this perfect body. Not only is she strong, but her joints have a wide range of motion, and her body is soft, so the speed of her techniques that can be unleashed from Mitsuri’s specially-shaped sword is on par with men’s pillars. Don’t take The short hem of the uniform does not limit the range of motion of the leg joints, which are more flexible than anyone else, so when bending the arms and using the sword like a whip, it is easier to move if the chest is not closed. 

There is also an advantage. In her conversation with Maeda, Mitsuri, who was so shy about her uniform, was focused on her fight during her fight, and she seemed to care about her own body. I don’t see anything. Mitsuri Kanroji fights relaxedly and shows off the strength suitable for a “pillar.” There is no sex appeal scene, such as her clothes being torn and her exposure getting bigger. Her rich and healthy body is attractive but doesn’t show her “excessive sex appeal.”

“Onsen” in the Swordsmith’s Village After the battle with the red-light district demon, Tanjiro went to the swordsmith’s village to ask Hotaru Haganezuka to make a black sword for him. He was filled with the smell of hot springs. “It’s an amazing building! And this smell seems to have a hot spring nearby. “The smell of hot springs is so strong.” “I can’t use my nose.” 

The hot springs in this village have medicinal properties for cuts, anemia, muscle pain (rhinitis, broken heart pain), etc. Members of the Demon Slayer Corps and swordsmiths highly value them. However, even so, since the hot spring scene began with the bathing scene of Mitsuri Kanroji, the love pillar, it was often read as a “sexy” situation. This is probably related to the fact that many female characters in battle-type shonen manga are responsible for “sex appeal.” 

There are several types of female characters in shōnen manga. For example:

  1. A woman who is vulnerable to being protected by a male character.
  2. A woman whose fighting ability is inferior to that of a man.
  3. A woman who becomes a love rival of the heroine.
  4. A leader and trainer of the heroine. 

Beautiful women (there are also examples of older women, etc.), (5) women who use their sex appeal and beauty in battle, and so on. In the case of “fighting female” characters, there are stereotypes such as masculinity, impertinence, and taking advantage of men.

In Mitsuri’s bathing scene, her “special muscles” that surpass ordinary people are invisible. However, the fact that this soft-looking body hides an extraordinary power is a mechanism that can be understood by looking at the fighting method in the battle scene. 

Another critical “bathing scene” worth noting is that other than Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Mitsuri, the bathing scene was drawn by other characters. Tanjiro is reunited with Genya Fushikawa at a hot spring in the swordsmith’s village. “Long time no see!! Did you do well?” ( Tanjiro Kamado /Volume 12, Episode 101 “Secret story”) ”) So far, Tanjiro has met Genya during the “Final Selection” of the Demon Slayer Corps enlistment exam, and immediately after the Battle of Natagumoyama at the Butterfly House (Note: Kocho Shinobu). It is a scene where he bumps into him in the corridor of his mansion, a facility like a hospital). “In a short period, I have gained a great physique….” “I wonder what it smells like….” (Tanjiro Kamado / Vol. It is a crucial foreshadowing that is recovered in the village edition. 

The meaning of showing “body” in the bathing scene, Genya and Tanjiro were almost the same height in the final selection (Volume 2). Still, in the Choyashiki scene (Volume 7), Genya’s shoulder is at Tanjiro’s height. Is located. Genya’s height has grown considerably here. 

Then, when he bathed at the swordsmith’s village (Volume 12), Genya’s bare skin was exposed, leaving his body with countless large scars. It becomes a form that is shown to readers and viewers. Usually, Genya’s body is hidden by his military uniform. Kazehashira, Minaya Fushikawa, and Sound pillar, Tengen Uzui, have highly exposed uniforms, but they are both “pillars,” and, naturally, they have a conspicuous uniform design different from other members. Is. 

Also, there is no sense of incongruity from the fact that the characteristics of the body and the combat characteristics are related. On the other hand, it is unnatural for Genya, who is not even a pillar, to wear a uniform that reveals a lot. Considering the above, it can be seen that the bathing scene was the best for Genya to show his skin and muscles naturally. 

This is because the “rapid change in the body” that Genya shows in this bathing scene is closely related to “Genya’s special ability” that becomes apparent during the battle.

The hidden “mystery” and “ability” of the body So ​​far, only Mitsuri has been the focus of attention in the bathing scene. That’s why this scene was necessary. If there is a hot spring in the swordsmith’s village, there is no sense of discomfort in taking a bath, and by inserting this scene, the hidden changes in Genya’s body are naturally presented to readers and viewers. 

It was decided. Furthermore, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that it is necessary to temporarily drown out the “strange smell of Genya” that Tanjiro had already felt in the Choyashiki with the “smell of the hot spring.” Various foreshadowings are collected, and the “swordsmith village edition,” a turning point in the story of “Kimetsu,” includes a lot of mystery-solving fun. I can’t wait for the anime to air. 

Akiko Ue Born in 1977. She is a researcher at Kobe University’s Center for the Promotion of International Cultural Studies. Her specialties are traditional literature, mythology, and comparative folklore. She is the author of “Cosmology of ‘German Legend Collection’: Arrangements, Elements, and Motifs” and co-authors of “Questioning ‘myths’ in modern times” and “Myths of the world where the beginning can be seen.” She is currently selling “Devil Night Story” (Fusosha), which summarizes the serialization of AERAdot.

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