TV creator excavation audition ‘Sodaterebi’ started Broadcasting Hinatazaka46, Akari Nibu original, voice actor animation.

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A planned audition battle for all TV Asahi staff members, “Please! “Ranking presents Sodaterebi” (Monday-Thursday midnight 0: 45-1: 20 * Broadcast only in the Kanto area) will start broadcasting from the 4th. The concept of the program is “cultivation”, and it is an unprecedented late-night variety show that discovers and nurtures star creators from TV Asahi.

TV We are soliciting projects for four genres of “drama,” “variety,” “documentary,” and “animation” from all departments of Asahi. Twenty projects that have passed the first screening will be broadcast every day, and the first place in each genre will be decided over about half a year by voting by viewers and the station.

The program will be run by Masako Yagi, an announcer, and a weekly MC that appears every week. The memorable first weekly MC will be a combination of Haraichi Yuki Iwai and Kana Hanazawa, who are familiar with the popular content “Manga Unknown” in “Barabara Daisakusen”.

And every time, the original 1-minute short animation “Minna no Mambo” is aired at the end of the program. This “Mambo” is a work born from the variety “Manga Unknown” on Wednesday midnight, in which a manga artist draws a story thought by an entertainer and created a single manga. The original plan is Hinatazaka46 and Akari Nibu. One day, Mami, a high school girl who suddenly understood the words of a dog, and Mambo, a puppy of Mameshiba who has a lousy personality despite her cute appearance, unfold an animal battle animation with spices.

Tanyu was moved and cried when his original draft became a manga. This time, it was animated, but he was also selected as the voice actor for the main character, Mami. “I thought that animation was a dream, and I want to try a lot of dubbing this year. Because I was doing it, I was able to fulfil my dreams by overlapping what I wanted to do, and I am grateful. ” With a smile on his face, he said, “I hope it will be a work that will heal everyone’s daily life. I will continue to play the role of Mami-chan!”

Akari Nibu (Hinatazaka46) Comment
What was your impression of hearing the animation of “Mambo”, the original work?

I didn’t expect it to spread from “Manga Unknown” to this point. I thought that animation was a dream, and I wanted to try a lot of dubbing this year, so I’m grateful that I could fulfil my dream by overlapping what I wanted to do. I’m full of feelings.

What is your impression of challenging dubbing?
I was nervous! However, I’m glad that I felt like I had Mambo, and I was able to put my feelings into the character. I will continue to do my best as Mami-chan!

Please tell us the highlight of “Minna no Mambo”!
Mambo is cute, but she has a foul mouth, and there are quite a few gaps, but that’s the point. I think, “Mameo, I love you”. Please learn about Mameo little by little every day!

Other characters also have strong personalities. Like Mambo, there are various characters such as Poni-chan, who is super cute but has a foul mouth, and Doberman, who is fantastic, so please find your favourite character! I hope that “Minna no Mambo” will be a work that will heal everyone’s daily life.

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