Anime “RPG Real Estate” Episode 8 “Smile !? Can you find the room of fate by fortune-telling !?” Synopsis & preceding cut released!

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Chiyo Kenmotsu’s unique real estate fantasy, “RPG Real Estate,” serialized in the original “Manga Time Kirara Carat,” is made into a TV animation! This time, the outline & preceding cut of the 8th episode of the TV anime “RPG Real Estate” “Smile !? Can you find the room of fate by fortune-telling !?” has been released.

Shopping with four people for the first time on a holiday !! Eating scones and purchasing store equipment. They four-try on the clothes they are interested in at the storefront, but they are surprised at the high price. What kind of person can wear clothes for ten months’ rent in Kotone’s room? When I was working with that in mind, a suspicious customer with a bandage wrapped around his face came to visit me …⁉

Screenplay: Michihiro Tsuchiya Storyboard: Kenji Setou Director: Hideki Tonokatsu 

Animation Director: Atsushi Soga Animation Director: Kazuma Nakao, Ai Motoya, Yuki Kudo

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