Ultraman gathers! ‘New Generation World IN Tokyo Solamachi’

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The event “Ultra Heroes EXPO New Generation World IN Tokyo Solamachi (R),” where Ultra Heroes gather, will be held from March 16, 2024 (Saturday) to April 8, 2024 (Monday) at Tokyo Solamachi (R), 5th-floor space 634.

It will be held at The event will feature a photo session called “Ultra Shot,” featuring various Ultra Heroes, an exhibition corner, and a merchandise sales corner, making it an event that can be enjoyed not only during family sightseeing or shopping but also at a leisurely pace. At the “Ultra Shot” photo session with Ultra Heroes, the “Ultraman Blazer” appears every day, and you can also make memories with the Ultra Heroes who appear every day.

The exhibition corner has two themes; one is an exhibition featuring all the Ultra Heroes that appear in “Ultraman New Generation Stars” currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo. The other is an exhibit of monsters and items that appear in the movie “Ultraman Blazer THE MOVIE: Clash of the Giant Monsters,” making it a must-see corner for fans.

The goods corner has a wide selection of souvenirs for adults and children, including popular goods from the “Ultraman World M78 Solamachi Store” on the 4th floor of the same facility.

Furthermore, as a present for visitors, the “Ultra Hero Patchin Bracelet,” which can be worn around the arm, will be available in three original designs (one will be distributed with each ticket).

Please pay attention to information such as future tie-ups and projects linked to the latest work.

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