‘Uma Musume’ ‘Higashi Ribe’ ‘Molker’ ‘Hataway’ The one who won the gold medal in 2021 buzzed work- “Anime Buzzword Award” announced

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“Gadget Tsushin Anime Buzzword Award 2021” and “Gadget Tsushin Internet Buzzword Award 2021” were announced by the original research of WEB media “Gadget Tsushin.” Related words such as “Uma Musume,” “Tokyo Revengers,” “PUI PUI Molcar,” and “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash” are ranked high.

The “Gadget Tsushin Anime Buzzword Award” and “Gadget Tsushin Internet Buzzword Award” are unique buzzword awards held by “Gadget Tsushin” every year.

In 2021, we solicited famous words and expressions on the Internet and held a general vote with the nominated words that were applied. This time, the word with the highest number of votes was announced.

Following the first half of the year, the gold medal of the “Gadget Tsushin Anime Buzzword Award” was the net meme “Muffty” ofMuffyle Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash” with the same number of votes as “Molker / PUI PUI” of “PUI PUI Molcar.” Syntax / “Try it, muffy! “Muffyould be anything! “Gundam !? “.

From the first half of the year, the silver prize was also awarded to “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” “Umapyoi,” and “Tokyo Revengers” “Hiyokko guy?” With the same number of votes.
The bronze medal was won by the net meme “Dance that encourages reflection on XX,” which is derived from “Dance that encourages reflection on the Federation” in “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash.”

In addition, the gold medal of the “Gadget Tsushin Internet Buzzword Award” is “Uma Musume” from the media mix content “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” which was a big hit this year.

The silver prize is that the net banner advertisement of “Only I can’t be attacked in a world full of zombies” has become a net meme and has spread. “It’s always the case with men …! Do you think it’s us !? “.
And the word “Constitutional Communist Party,” which became a hot topic in the lower house election, won the bronze prize.

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