TV animation “Orient,” this PV released a sense of the world! Da-iCE is in charge of the OP song

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This PV full of worldview is released from the TV anime “Orient” scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2022. Furthermore, it has been decided that Da-iCE will be in charge of the opening theme.

In this PV, in addition to the appearance of Musashi (cv. Yuma Uchida) and Kojiro Kanemaki (cv. Soma Saito) confronting the demon, the youngest samurai who is good at spoiling, Tsugumi Hattori (cv. Rie Takahashi) and overwhelming Naotora Takeda (cv. Satoshi Hino), the leader of the “Takeda Samurai Corps” who is proud of his strength, and Hideo Koameda (cv. Wataru Hatano), the leader of the “Koameda Samurai Corps” who sees Tsugumi as a daughter, also appeared.

In addition, the animation and character voices of the mysterious samurai Inukai Shiro (cv. Hiro Shimono), whose affiliation is unknown, and the girl Inusaka Nanao (cv. Azumi Waki) who follows Shiro as the “master” will also be released for the first time. It has become.

And the opening theme of this work is decided to be “Break out” of Da-iCE. A part of the song was released for the first time in this PV released this time, and it is a song with a sense of speed that is reminiscent of the world of the Orient.

The TV anime “Orient” is scheduled to start broadcasting on TV Tokyo and others from January 2022. For details, see the official anime website.

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