‘Uma Musume’ Marika Kouno shows off her beautiful back, and cool look shots Anime Supremacy!

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Marika Kouno, the voice actor who plays the role of Silence Suzuka in the widespread content “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” has released the 4th serialization “no title” in charge of “FRIDAY Subscription.”

Kouno is a co-sleeper, not only as a voice actor but also as an artist, holding her 1st live concert and releasing her 1st album, “One.” She is currently casting for the movie “Anime Supremacy! which Made her first live-action movie appearance and attracted her attention.

In this series, she talks about various episodes, from the traumatic blushing episodes of her voice actor school days to the delicate feelings of her teenage years. In addition, her newly-taken photos will be released, and Takano in her open-back blue shirt and shorts will have a cut that points to her fabulous look at the camera and more than ten premiere photos.

The “FRIDAY Subscription” is currently running a “Golden Week Campaign” for new members for “110 yen for two months” (until noon on the 23rd).

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