‘Uma Musume’ Vodka voice actor Ayaka Ohashi ‘I haven’t passed the audition for about two years’ Losing 50 consecutive times this year?

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Ayaka Ohashi (28), a voice actress who plays the role of vodka in the  popular smartphone game ” Uma Musume Pretty Derby, “appeared on the Nippon TV series ” Dancing! Sanma Goten !! ” Revealed. Ohashi appeared as a guest of “National anime voice actor & anime-loving entertainer SP.” On the theme of the talk, ‘Is it weird for me to worry about this?’ Ohashi said Voice actors have auditions for the main characters in anime.

There is such a thing,” he said, revealing a “restriction.” She continued, “She hasn’t passed any auditions for about two years,” she said. She also told the harsh reality of auditions, speaking, “She can only pass once every two years.” She said, “I’ve already received less than 50 this year…” to the studio’s surprise. Showtaro Morikubo, a voice actor who appeared as a guest, was surprised at the number of auditions, saying, “Are there so many auditions?” Ohashi corrected this by saying, “No, it might be around 30,” but MC Sanma Akashiya noted, “At 50, yes. For talk shows, it’s 50.

The more, the better.” was giving advice. Finally, she was asked, “Are you saying you haven’t passed one?” Ohashi said, “I haven’t passed one.

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