My number card and ‘SPY x FAMILY’ campaign started.

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From December 20th, the Digital Agency started a campaign with the TV animation “SPY x FAMILY” to promote the spread of My Number cards.

In the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY,” “Lloyd” dressed as a talented agent (Twilight), “Anya,” a supernatural power, and “Yoru”, a hitman, hide their identities from each other. A spy comedy anime that confronts the crisis of the world.

The original has been serialized in “Shonen Jump +” since 2019, and the cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 29 million (as of December 2022).

In this campaign, various projects using “SPY x FAMILY” will be carried out to let all generations, including young people, know about My Number Card. During this period, a little campaign video will be released.

In addition, there will be a Twitter campaign with the specific content of “SPY x FAMILY,” a massive advertisement in the Shibuya area for a limited time, and an SNS-linked street event. In addition, a particular site has been set up exclusively for this campaign to convey details about the My Number Card, its benefits, and how easy it is to apply.

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