Unpredictable ‘Sentai Daishikkaku’ TV animation directed by ‘Taibani’ Sato Keiichi where the monster confronts the squadron

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Negi Haruba, known for “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” has decided to make a TV animation of “Sentai Daishikkaku” serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (published by Kodansha). The SP project video has also been released, revealing that Sato Keiichi of “TIGER & BUNNY” will be the director.

The work is a unique hero battle action set in a world where an army of evil monsters leading a huge floating castle has appeared. The monster army plans to conquer the world. Still, the executives are quickly defeated by the hero of justice, “Ryujin Sentai Dragon Keeper,” The remaining combatants are determined to be defeated every weekend due to the truce signed between them. So he was forced to play a farce, “Sunday Decisive Battle.”

One day, the main character, Combatant D, a combatant at the end, stands up alone to avenge the humiliation of the Dragon Keeper, who wants to do whatever he wants to the monster.

Before the serialization of the original work, the PV of this work was released on the official Twitter of Mr. Haruba’s previous work, “The Quintessential Quintuplets,” and Ayane Sakura, who plays the role of Yotsuba Nakano, was in charge of the narration. The latest eight volumes of the original book will be released on December 16th.

In the SP project video, unique characters that color the story appear one after another. Starting with the clash between the leader of the Dragon Keepers, Red Keeper, and Combatant D, the Dragon Keepers with fearless smiles, the Red Keeper who summons the Red Dragon Salamandra and unleashes his special move, and the mimicry he is good at appearing as a mysterious boy. Combatant D etc., who change, are also drawn.

The first visual has also been released, with the characters “SENTAI” written in five colors in the background, the figure of Combatant D, who transforms into a handsome boy with his mimicry ability, and “Who decided justice and evil?” A catch copy is distributed.

Sato, the director, enthusiastically said, “Isn’t it okay if it happens once in a while? Also, from Mr. Haruba, an illustration of Yumeko Suzuki, a member of the “Great Battle Corps” led by the Dragon Keeper and belonging to the Yellow Unit commanded by the Yellow Keeper, with Combatant D on her shoulder. Comments have been received.

The full comments of Mr. Haruba and Director Sato are as follows.

Negi Haruba (original author) Thank you for choosing.

Sentai Daishikkaku is the original work.

Manga production is sometimes harsh and lonely, and it’s a continuous process of throwing a ball at an empty place.

I felt rewarded as if the animation was thrown back.

I look forward to seeing the uncool and cool Combatant D in action.

Readers who have read this far. I could keep throwing the ball because everyone was on the other side.

I will do my best not to lose to the anime, so I would be happy if you continue to pick it up.

Keiichi Sato (director)

I have worked on many hero works, but I accepted the director’s offer after seeing only one line.

“Isn’t it okay to have it once in a while? The Phantom wins.”

I will use this hot scream through the main character, Phantom D.
Then wait for a while!!

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