Minori Suzuki transfers to Aoni Production. Major works include the role of Riko, the main character in ‘Pokémon.’

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Minori Suzuki (26), a voice actress known for her role in the anime “Pokemon” as the main character Riko, updated her SNS (formerly Twitter) on October 1st and announced that she is affiliated with the agency she worked for for about eight years, on September 30th, and said, “As I reached the turning point of turning 25, which I had decided for myself, I would like to refocus my efforts as an actor.” I made this decision while thinking about the future and remembering the feelings that arose from that process.”

On this day, Suzuki, who is making a fresh start at the new office, said, “I, Minori Suzuki, am affiliated with Aoni Production from today. In both the work I have now and the work I will encounter in the future, I will never forget the attitude of learning and be even more careful.

We will continue to work on this! I appreciate your support!” In the comment section, fellow voice actors and fans commented, “Happy birthday, Minori-chan, and congratulations on your new career. I hope you have a wonderful year and your life as an actor.” “Declaration of a Lifelong Actor” is fantastic! I’m sure there are some, but please do your best.”

“Happy birthday! I’m looking forward to your future activities!!” “Happy birthday! And another step to fly even higher! Even more in a new environment!”

We look forward to your continued success and will continue to support you in the future!” Suzuki is known for her roles as Freya Vion in the anime “Macross Delta,” Hajime Fujiwara in the game” The Idolmaster: His Cinderella Girls, “and Agnes Digital in “Uma Musume Pretty Derby.”

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