Three times postponed anime ‘Isekai Uncle’ will resume in March, and episode 13 will be broadcast. An official apology is also relieved with work completed.

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The latest (13th episode of the final episode) of the TV animation “Isekai Ojisan,” which was postponed from December 29, 2022, will be released on AT-X on March 8, BS11 on March 9, and TOKYO. It was announced that it would be broadcast on MX.

The broadcast of the latest episode has been postponed three times so far. The 13th episode was scheduled to be broadcast on December 29, 2022. Still, due to the effects of the new coronavirus, which has rapidly spread in China, Due to a delay in video production ordered from a company, broadcasting, and distribution were postponed to maintain the quality of the main story.

This time, regarding the broadcast and distribution of episode 13, the production committee said, “As the Isekai Ojisan Production Committee, we are concerned about the health and safety of all the staff involved in this work. First and foremost, we have been working on the production.” He explained the process and added, “We apologize for the great inconvenience and concern to all the viewers looking forward to the broadcast and everyone involved. , I’m very sorry,” and apologized for the postponement of the broadcast so far.

He continued, “All the staff is pleased to be able to deliver the work to everyone until the end.” rice field. Regarding the distribution, “Scheduled to start distribution sequentially after 25:30 on Thursday, March 9, 2023”, “Although the production of the main part of Episode 13 has been completed, each station and each distribution platform will be organized. Due to circumstances, the broadcast/delivery date and time may change. Please understand in advance.”

The film is a comedy about an uncle and nephew, Takafumi, who wake up after a 17-year coma. It is a story that reveals the heroic life of an uncle who has spent 17 years in a different world, “Grand Bahamal.”

The first episode of the TV anime was broadcast in July 2022. Still, due to the sudden increase in the number of coronavirus-infected people in various places, such as Atelier Pontdarc, who is in charge of production, the broadcasting schedule after the fifth episode has been changed, and from August Rebroadcast episode 1. After that, the broadcast was resumed after a two-week suspension, but for the same reason, the broadcast from episode 8 onwards was suspended from September 7, and the 3rd episode was rebroadcast.

After coordinating with related parties, the first episode was rebroadcasted on October 6. The eighth episode onwards was broadcast on November 24. Still, the 13th episode, which was scheduled to be published on December 29 Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in China, there was a delay in the video production that was ordered from a local company, so it was not possible to make a forecast within the year. The broadcast was postponed to maintain the quality of the main story.

At that time, the production committee said, “We apologize for the inconvenience and concern for the viewers looking forward to the broadcast and everyone involved.” I apologized.

Episode 13 “Thanks to everyone, thank you” Synopsis
A demon flame dragon that has been resurrected in a potent form by wearing sacred magic because of his uncle. Standing in front of Uncle, Elf, Mabel, and Alicia.

Everyone was stunned by his terrible attack power and resilience and the hopeless situation of being manipulated when approaching. Furthermore, Mabel’s loss of fighting spirit makes it impossible to use the Frozen Sword, which is supposed to have overwhelming power against the Demonic Dragon. When it seemed like they could do nothing, an elf stepped forward and announced a strategy.

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