‘Why’ The reason why someone who was addicted to ‘Uma Musume’ and charged suddenly quit Soshage

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“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” started as a hit anime and became a big hit as an app. It is one of the apps that has spread beyond the boundaries of social games and anime lovers. I (Nakazawa) have seen many people who said, “I only know Uma Musume.”

Uma Musume celebrated its 2nd anniversary on February 24, 2023. On the 22nd, the teaser PV for the 3rd season of the anime was released, and the fans were at their peak. Contrary to what I thought, it was my friend K, a paying user, who “uninstalled” without waiting for the anniversary. Why?

In love with the Hishi Amazon. If “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is not linked to an account, it should start from the beginning after uninstalling. There may be cases where data can be restored by contacting us, but at least it is not an application that can be easily uninstalled.

Finishing the event was a matter of course, and Mr. K was willing to pay to get the character he wanted. Mr. K, who entered horse racing under the app’s influence, must know the specifications.

Ms. K: “Of course, I knew about it because a warning message appeared when I uninstalled it. But I deleted it.”

Didn’t you pay for it?

Ms. K: It was a lot. Uma Musume gets quite a lot of jewels, but when the daughter I wanted as a Uma Musume was released, I would continue to charge until I ran out of treasures I had saved up. I still remember how happy I was when Hisiama-san appeared.”

So you were a fan of Hishi Amazon.

Mr. K “At first, Narita Brian played with the Jewels he had saved up, and after playing Brian’s scenarios repeatedly, I came to like Hisiama-san. I want someone like this to be close to me…”

Uninstallation trigger

Why did you erase it even though you love it so much?

Ms. K: The trigger was a trip. The other day, I went on a trip for about a week, and I spent the whole day walking around various places on the trip. It’s been a long time, and I’m enjoying it. Videos and photos filled up my iPhone in no time .”

When you go on a trip, you get more photos.

Ms. K: So, I was doing Uma Musume in between, but as expected, the scenery became a higher priority, and I couldn’t finish the event that week. Let’s cool down there.”

Huh? But you don’t need to turn it off, do you?

Ms. K: “This is just an opportunity. When I think about it after I’ve cooled down a little, I feel like I’ve been pushing myself too hard. I cut down on my sleep time to finish the event, and I’ve been playing Uma Musume all day on my days off. Yes, I’ve managed to finish all the events so far, so I feel it would be a waste if I didn’t finish .”

It’s serious.

Reason for uninstalling
Ms. K: No, I didn’t get it, but I couldn’t get the rainbow crystal piece as an event reward, so I returned to being sober.

Most of the Uma Musume, who had a strong presence in anime and games, have already appeared, and recently the newly added Uma Musume has yet to come to mind in many cases. Now, I’m skipping all the stories, which differs from when I met Mr. Hisiama. Finishing the event was the last thread.

Thinking about it calmly, the Uma Musume app is too heavy in the first place. I know. It’s over 10GB.”

So you ate that much capacity.

Mr. K: The app is about 340MB, but the data accumulates to about 11GB. , seemed like a good time.”

Did you regret it after deleting it?

Mr. K, “I regretted momentarily when Twin Turbo was implemented in Raising Horse Musume on the 24th. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t want to see Takarazuka Kinen in a scenario from the perspective of the Twin Turbo Master. However, if you think about it calmly, the anime’s second season will be enough. Also, it’s a shame that Marvelous Sunday wasn’t implemented in Uma Musume while I played.

That said, my smartphone, which had run out in the evening, is now fully charged. My love for Uma Musume hasn’t changed, so I’m waiting for the release of the anime’s third season.”

That’s what he said. Mr. K says, “When I think about it again, I feel like I was getting addicted to it.” He was humble during his interviews but sounded like a step ahead of the Soshage swamp when he spoke. The trip may be a good opportunity.

It is necessary to be careful with social games that get addicted to depth without realizing it, but I think that being addicted is not a bad thing. We need to find a sense of distance that we won’t regret, like Mr. K.

TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3” teaser PV

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