‘Uzura Info,’ a site loved by anime fans, was revived on DMM TV with appearances by Haraichi Iwai and others.

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It was announced on the 14th that the information site “Uzura Info,” loved by anime fans, will be revived as a new program, “Uzura Info TV,” on DMM TV. Yuki Iwai (Haraichi), Akari Akase, Rika Mayama (Private Ebisu Junior High School), and others will appear, and Haruna Iikubo (former Morning Musume) will appear. The teacher introduces the charm of the work while mixing images.

The same program  was announced at the latest content presentation, “DMM TV Festival 2022 WINTER” of “DMM TV,” held online on the same day. Iwai explained that “Uzura Info,” a legendary anime information site known only to those in the know, collaborated with “DMM TV” to create a new anime information program.

It will be a must-see program for anime fans, introducing all 60 new animations broadcast every course.

Rio Uchida, who participated in the recital, said with joy, “I like every day anime, but if you watch this program, you know which anime you should watch!” rice field.

The release date will be announced soon.

In addition, at the recital on this day, voice actors Tomokazu Sugita and Nobuhiko Okamoto teamed up for a variety show “Self-proclaimed voice actor” (distribution started on December 17 / free distribution), Hiroshi Shimono and Daiki Yamashita “Hiroki Shimoshita” (December 24 distribution start / free distribution), and it was announced that Jasmine Gyu’s popular manga “Kenshirou ni Yoroshiku” will be adapted into a live-action drama for the first time.

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