VTuber Tsukino Miu, who belongs to Nijisanji, surpassed 1 million subscribers and screamed at the achievement in 1768 days.

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Nijisanji ‘s virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Mito Tsukino achieved 1 million YouTube channel subscribers on December 12.

Mito Tsukino screamed, “Wow, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh She thanked her viewers, saying, “She has 1 million subscribers! Thank you!” It has been 1768 days (4 years and 307 days) since she posted her first video on February 8, 2018.

Who is Nijisanji’s first virtual river, Miu Tsukino?
Miu Tsukino is one of the first official livers of the virtual liver group Nijisanji, operated by the former Ichikarasha (currently ANY COLOR). She debuted in February 2018 and gained popularity for her deep knowledge of subcultures such as movies, anime, and games, her unique sense, and her short talk.

At that time, she was nicknamed “subculture chairman” by her fans. She will make her major debut in 2020 from Sony Music Labels ( SACRA MUSIC ). In the following year, 2021, he released his first album, “Tsuki no Usagi was Virtual no Yume Wo Miru,” and held a one-man live. From June to September 2022, her distribution activities were temporarily suspended but have now resumed.

Looking back on four years of live streaming with over 1 million subscribers

In the live broadcast that surpassed 1 million subscribers, “A broadcast that would make me happy if I had 1 million subscribers!!” Performances such as “Virtual to LIVE” and “Moon !!” while touching on the VTuber scene and the changes in the environment and feelings are surrounding her over the past four years.

At the end of the distribution, she commented, “I want to keep living with the fact that there are 1 million people who support me!”

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