‘ONE PIECE’ Luffy & Shanks appeared in the September issue of ‘Get Navi,’ a double-sided jack on the front and back covers.

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Luffy and Shanks from the theatrical anime “ONE PIECE FILM RED” are on the front and back covers of the September issue of the item information magazine “Get Navi” (released on July 23).

The cover of the September issue of “Get Navi” has an excellent look on the theme of “ROCK x Pirate,” with Luffy dressed in leather, studs, and chains. The back cover contains the figure of Shanks holding his sword Griffon.

Furthermore, on the particular page entitled “Our ONE PIECE,” we will introduce the charm of “ONE PIECE” based on the testimony of the three cast staff involved in “ONE PIECE FILM RED.” In addition to interviews with director Goro Taniguchi, Shueisha’s “ONE PIECE” media manager Ken Takano, and Shanks’ daughter Uta’s singer Ado, the self-liner notes of the songs in the play that Ado sang are also included.

Shanks’ daughter Uta appears in the latest work of the “ONE PIECE” movie series, “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” as a character that holds the key to the story. Uta, who was working while hiding her identity, will perform live, and the Straw Hat Pirates come to look forward to the singing voice, but the Navy is keeping an eye out there. It will be released nationwide on August 6.

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