What is the ‘official’ final episode of ‘Doraemon’? ‘Too sad’ ‘It wasn’t an urban legend.’

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“Doraemon” is a manga that everyone knows.

“Doraemon,” such as “Sazae-san” and “Chibi Maruko-chan,” is a “basic education” manga known to all Japanese people and is so famous that it can be said to be a part of Japanese culture. It is work. It’s been more than 50 years since the serialization began, and the author, Fujiko F. Fujio, passed away more than a quarter of a century ago. However, the TV anime is still ongoing, even though the voice actors have changed. Although the release was postponed due to the corona crisis, the movie version is also a big hit yearly.

There is no longer a reason to end Doraemon, which is so popular that it can be said that it is immortal. Some people may have heard such things as “Doraemon’s existence itself is a dream that Nobita saw when he became a plant” and “Doraemon’s developer is Nobita, who became an adult.” Fujiko-sensei passed away while writing “Nobita’s Nejimaki City Adventure,” the 17th work of the “Large Feature Doraemon Series,” so “Doraemon” is originally an “unfinished” work. Still, in reality, it is the “official” final. Times exist. And there are multiple.

This time, we will look back on the last episode of “Doraemon,” which is not well known, along with the history of the “Doraemon” series. In the first place, the series of [Doraemon], which has [6 types] of [Episode 1], was serialized in Shogakukan’s magazines [Yoko] [Kindergarten] [1st-grade elementary school] [2nd-grade elementary school] [3rd-grade elementary school] [4th-grade elementary school] 1970 1 It started at the same time as the monthly issue. Later, it was also published in “Elementary School 5th Grade”, “Elementary School 6th Grader”, “TV Kun,” and “Korokoro Comic.” Since serialization began in six magazines simultaneously, there are six types of first episodes in “Doraemon.” Generally, the first episode of “Doraemon” is known as “Far from the future country” and was published in “Shogaku 4th grade”, but the reason is “Tentomushi Comics” which became the first book.

This is because the first episode of the recording was “Far from the future country.” The first episode by type is “Doraemon,” released in 2019. You can also check it in Volume 0. Since the reader’s target is spreading from kindergarten children to elementary school upper grades when reading the first episode of each, the wording becomes more straightforward as the target age is lower. Nobita’s angle also changes depending on the publication magazine It was.

Due to the unique circumstances of having multiple publications, the ”Fujiko F. Fujio Daizenshu Doraemon” (Shogakukan), which was released in 2009, was published in ascending order of grade (the oldest real-time reader was 1970, published in order from “fourth-grade elementary school”) is a particular order of publication.

In addition, as a feature of the first series, Doraemon’s younger sister, Dorami, who is now familiar, does not appear. Dorami is a character that was born as a result of a “reader’s post,” and she first appeared in “Let’s go for a hike” in the April issue of “Shogaku 5th grade” in 1973. In addition, the original Doraemon is quite a sharp tongue, such as dissing Nobita straight, saying, “You are foolish,” and “It seems that your brain is evolving.” It is also used for these images.

Curious about the final episode of “Doraemon”?

There are three types of final episodes. Since it was serialized in “elementary school 0th grade,” where the reader’s target changes as the grade goes up, “Doraemon” is serialized, and it is possible to “continue to the next story” without anything in particular. There were a lot of them, but in fact, there are “3 types” of “final episodes” where “Doraemon and Nobita’s farewell” are drawn by Mr. Fujiko.

The first and final episode is “Doraemon Returns to the Future,” published in the March issue of “Shogaku 4th Grade” in 1971. At that time, “Doraemon” was not serialized in “fifth grade” or “sixth grade,” so it was a convenient final episode prepared for readers graduating from “fourth grade.”

There is also an opinion that “This is the final episode.” In this episode, the future people do whatever they want with the Nobi family. Finally, “time travel itself is prohibited,” and Doraemon was forced to return to the future (or rather, be deported). In the end, Doraemon cries because he regrets parting with Nobita. Nobita ends the story with the desk drawer that was originally the entrance to the time machine, saying, “Every time I open it, I am reminded of Doraemon.”

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