Four crystals scoop up and save wandering souls. Eve’s voice that the times demanded, delivered by the EP ‘Bokurano.’

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Earlier this year, the title of Eve’s new song was announced along with the news that it would be the new opening theme for season 6 of the anime My Hero Academia. The title is “Bokura no”. Plural subject, softly spelled in hiragana. Just looking at that letter made my heart beat wildly.

Be prepared to deal with plural subjects. Awareness that others are involved in it, understanding that in any case, there is an existence of “I” who feels blocked from “us”–a subject that should be spelled out based on such awareness. That’s why. It’s difficult for someone like me who writes for the media. What if it’s music? How about creative? In a creative process, plural subjects can serve as guideposts beyond space and time that point to the creator’s ideals and prayers.

Alternatively, there may be cases where the subject of “we” emerges purely at the end of the creator’s exploration of the loneliness of “I.” I felt joy when I saw Eve stepping into that realm – her title – “Ours.” A 4-song EP containing such “Bokura no” as the title song has been delivered.

In addition to “Bokura no,” “Shirayuki,” which was written as the theme song for the movie “Black Night Parade” and was released last year, was written as a TV commercial song for Morinaga Seika’s “Exam in Jelly 2023”. It contains three songs, “Golden Days” and “Kororai,” written as a promotional tie-up song for the “Gatsby Metal Rubber Series.” All four songs are tie-up songs. It is a work that clearly shows what Eve is expected to do in her time.

The title “Bokura no” must have been inspired by the fact that the tag team “My Hero Academia” uses the singular subject “Boku no” in the title and the content of the story. Deaf. In this way, Eve expands and deepens the realm of her expression while intertwining it with her various cultures and works. “Bokura no,” which was delivered, was a song with a beautiful balance of elegance and dynamism, and it was a song that made us feel that Eve was trying to go to the future.

The EP opens with “Bokura no.” “A world without black and white/I cried in the depths of my hatred.” The song’s beginning portrays a lost heart in a world with no solution. Still, within the rushing sound, that heart At some point, “it’s okay to be uncertain/it’s okay not to have a definite answer/just this emptiness and loneliness/even if you’re tormented.”

It is the existence of “you” that brings about change. Eve expresses the strength of “I” to “our,” not a self-satisfied megalomania, but a lonely but not lonely, complex and warm feeling of the protagonist who harbors others in her heart. I see it in my gaze.

The second song that follows is “Torakurai,” also the title of their arena tour in August. It is an electronic song full of a dance feel, and the flexible flow that fits into the song’s inflection is lovely. The winner of the frog tournament in the well, regrets / addicted to SNS, I have had no self-esteem for a long time.

The premise of this song, which is impressive with such realistic words, is a world with a sense of stagnation, even to the heart—the figure of a person who seems to be closed. However, the wildness of the sound that moves the body no matter what, and the punchline of “put a period in your ordinary life now” appeal to you, “Don’t let someone keep your life.” is such a powerful song.

In terms of her power to appeal to the listener, she’s not far behind the third track, “Golden Days.” The musicality is a refreshing and rhythmic band sound with an impressive acoustic guitar sound, but the world view of the lyrics is also familiar to “Tiger Wolf Rai.” In contrast to the blunt “Tiger Wolf Rai,” “Golden Days” speaks to the listeners gently and gently. However, the fact that both songs use the word “impulse” in the lyrics conveys that both songs are trying to speak to the listener’s instincts and true feelings.

The last one is “Snow White.” In this song, the appearance of the main character who lives with “you” in his heart is like another story of “Bokura no” when listening through the EP. Listening to it reminds us that everyone has a story in their life. People are always lonely, but people can’t live alone. Eve throws a “voice” to listeners throughout the EP while depicting “life” where these are intertwined. As if walking through the darkness of the future, his voice accompanies us living in this age like a friend and reminds us that every one of us is a subject that speaks out.

An impressive line is sung in “Bokura no” – “No one should be missing.” Behind a finely woven plural subject, Eve tells her friends who the era’s heroes are. (Fumiaki Amano)

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