‘Conan’ new movie records the highest box office revenue in the series.

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The latest box office revenue of the latest movie version of the popular anime “Detective Conan” released on April 15th, “Detective Conan Halloween Bride,” was announced on October 31st, exceeding 9.48 billion yen. It surpassed the No. 1 hit in the series so far, “Konsei no Fist” (2019 / 9.37 billion yen), and became the highest revenue of the series.

The official Twitter account for the movie said, “Theatrical version ‘Detective Conan: His Halloween Bride’ has accumulated 9.48 billion box office revenues until yesterday, making it the No. 1 hit in the series.”.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me. Please continue to support the movie version of ‘Detective Conan’ in the future,” he wrote. This work is currently being held for a limited time from October 28th to November 7th in connection with the title “Halloween.” It was realized from the staff’s desire to enjoy the work more on the same time axis, and it is screened in a particular version that director Mitsunaka and the production team stuck to the details. And with the effect of the revival screening, the box office has achieved the record of first place in the history of the movie “Conan” series. This movie is set in “Shibuya,” crowded with people during the Halloween season.

A story in which an incident occurs. The main character is Rei Furuya (National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division = Rei Furuya, Organization in Black = Bourbon, Detective = Toru Amuro’s triple face), Furuya, and Metropolitan Police Department Police Academy Onizuka class. Jinpei Matsuda, Kenji Hagiwara, Kagemitsu Morofushi, and Wataru Date, who have already died in the line of duty in past incidents, are in action, and the romance between Detective Takagi and Detective Sato is also depicted.

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