What is your favorite live-action remake of an anime movie? Explain 3 works

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Disney movies have fascinated many people, from children to adults. In recent years, the number of live-action remakes of masterpiece animated films has increased. This time, we will introduce three of Disney’s live-action remake movies.

Beauty and the Beast
“Beauty and the Beast” was released in 2017. It was also talked about when Emma Watson played the main character, Bell. The yellow dress in the dance scene looks perfect. I was also surprised at how the live-action film would express the servants who had been transformed into furniture and furnishings.

A live-action remake version of “Aladdin” was released in 2019. Compared to the anime version, the heroine Jasmine is depicted as an independent and willing woman. The love pattern of the demon Genie has also been added. In addition, Koichi Yamadera will continue to charge the dubbed version of Genie from the animated movie. Also, pay attention to the difference in how the old and new Genie perform.

The Lion King
“Lion King” was remade with full CG. Twenty-five years after the animation movie was released, it was released as a “super live-action version” in 2019. The realism and power of moving real animals are attractive.

What is your favorite Disney live-action remake?
Introduced the above three works. In addition, remakes of masterpieces such as “Cinderella” and “Dumbo” are born one after another. What is your favorite work?

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