To commemorate the start of TV anime broadcasting! The latest 48th brush of “Blue Period” is released for free on Magazine Pocket

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Kodansha will release “Blue Period” (author, Tsubasa Yamaguchi) for free from October 11th to October 24th on the manga app “Magazine Pocket (Magapoke).”

In “Blue Period,” the main character, Yaguchi Yatora, who learned the joy of drawing because of something, burns youth to become the most challenging art school in Japan, Tokyo University of the Arts. The story of the root exam “. Tsubasa Yamaguchi has been serializing in “Monthly Afternoon” since 2017, and the TV anime broadcast started on October 1st.

In commemoration of the start of anime broadcasting, the app version of Magazine Pocket will carry out a free campaign for all episodes. You can read up to the 5th (5th episode) of the 1st volume for free, and from the 6th to the latest 48th, you can read all the episodes for free using a work ticket charged once a day.

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