What is your favorite TV anime character played by voice actor “Chiwa Saito”?

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Chiwa Saito is a talented voice actor who has played from bright and open Moe characters to cool and courageous female characters to special effects characters. His acting is as if the character had a soul and continues to fascinate many anime fans.

So, I would like to introduce four representative characters played by Mr. Saito.

Hitagi Senjougahara “Story Series”
The main character, a classmate of the Araragi calendar, is a heroine who will be her lover after her. One day in her third year of high school, the calendar helps Hitagi Senjogahara, who has fallen down the stairs, and the contact reveals the secret that Hitagi holds.

Although she is sick and often late or leaves school early, her grades are top class. She looks ephemeral and looks like a young lady at first glance, but she often vomits poisonous tongues and rants. Her jealousy and strong personality, and desire for exclusivity were perfect for Mr. Saito’s clear and crisp voice quality.

Yona “Yona of the Dawn”
She is the only princess in the Kingdom of Korea, a country girl with her unusual red hair and purple eyes, a symbol of the royal family. On the night of her 16th birthday, she is betrayed by her cousin Suwon, fond of her, and loses her father, castle, and identity.

She is then chased from the castle with her exclusive escort Haku and embarks on her escape journey. She begins her journey in search of the four dragons, in which she receives her prophecy to collect the descendants of the four dragons she appears in the founding myths. Mr. Saito’s acting portrayed a naive princess growing up dignifiedly and gently throughout the journey.

Natsumi Hinata “Keroro Gunso”
Natsumi is the eldest daughter of the Hinata family, where the main character, Keroro Gunso, lives. With her excellent performance and sporting versatility, she is strong, and she is also in a position to punish and punish Sgt. Frog, who always causes problems.

She also enjoyed various acting of Mr. Saito, such as having her side as a girly junior high school girl and hunting down Keroro Gunso, who is trying to invade the earth.

Homura Akemi “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”
Homura Akemi is depicted as a pair of the main character, Madoka Kaname. At the story’s beginning, she appears in front of Madoka as a talented and mysterious beautiful girl transfer student. She’s fantastic, and she doesn’t try to keep others away. But she had a heavy fate.

At the beginning and the second half of the story, Homura, who gives an entirely different impression, nailed many viewers. Mr. Saito brilliantly expresses such a challenging role. With her acting ability, Homura has become a character with a more substantial presence and impact.

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