In some cases, the three “too unlucky end” in Gundam’s work, “the unfortunate end of the curtain,” wept

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The “Gundam series” work depicts various tragedies only in the story set in the war. Many main characters die at the end of a fierce battle, but there are also cases where they die in a situation unrelated to a direct battle.

Therefore, this time I would like to introduce some of the Gundam works of the Universal Century that were personally impressive from among the events that led to death due to bad luck.

A small step is fatal.
If the pilot’s parents are taken hostage in Gundam works, the “sacrificial flow” may be inevitable. A typical example is a scene where Lieutenant Jerid Messa killed Hilda, the mother of Camille Bidan, the main character of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Jerid wasn’t informed of the capsule that Hilda was in, and she misunderstood it like a bomb or something, so he was unlucky in a way when he shot it unknowingly.

But there is her mother, who died more unluckily and horribly. Mura, the mother of Uso Ewin, the main character of “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.” She was an excellent person involved in developing mobile suits and was also a development member of V2 Gundam. Such Mura is captured by the Zanskar Empire, which is hostile to Uso and others in the wake of a specific incident.

And the 36th episode of the TV anime that was greeted. I feel like I’m spoiling the story with a too disturbing title, “Mother, return to the earth,” but it was even more shocking.

In front of Usso, who aims to recapture her mother, “Zolidia” with Mura appears in a mobile suit. It is a sneaky tactic of fighting with Uso’s mother as a shield. The User and others managed to incapacitate the enemy aircraft, but while holding on to their mother, the aircraft was caught in the turret part of the enemy battleship Adrastea.

While Usso tried hard to rescue his mother, the enemy ship Lysithea class in front jumped up on a step on the ground and trampled the mobile suit that was holding Usso’s mother.

After that, the scene where Usso, who brought back only his mother’s helmet with blood dripping, handed it over to Marbet while saying, “I’m a mother ” was a shocking image that has been handed down in the history of anime.

What was even more unlucky in this episode was that a ceasefire agreement was signed between the Earth Federation and the Zanskar Empire at about the same time as Mura died. If the news of the ceasefire had arrived as soon as possible, such an unlucky and unfortunate event could have been avoided.

The too lousy ending of a famous mechanic
There is a name mechanic behind the name pilot. Various famous mechanics will appear in the Gundam series. Still, I will never forget Astonaige Medozso, who was active in “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” “Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ,” and the movie “Char’s Counterattack.”

In “Char’s Counterattack,” Astonaige was the chief mechanic of Rondo Bell’s flagship “La Karam.” His lover, Kayra Su, was crushed by Gyunei Guss’s Jagd Doga and died during the play. The corpse was probably horrific, as Amuro tried to stop Astonaige, saying, “Don’t look.”

Soon after the sadness, a tragedy will come to Astonaige himself. Astonaige finds Chan Agi boarding the wrecked Li Gazi and tries to stop the sortie.

However, the chain shook off the restraint and sortie, and a Nagaredama landed in front of Astonaige screaming, “Stop the chain!”. A big hole in Astonaige’s suit was blown away by the blast and a lot of bleeding. This was Astonaige’s final appearance.

Looking only at the situation, Astonaige is undoubtedly a mere killed in action. Still, I cannot help but be surprised that Astonaige was drawn too plainly for the death of a supporting player who played an active part in three works representing the Universal Century.

Shortly after losing his beloved lover, he also died and was treated as not being described in great detail. At the end of the “maintenance professional” who was a good brother of Camille and Judau and had a lot of trust from Amuro and Bright, I had to say “too unlucky and unlucky.”

Unhappiness that suddenly came while returning
Captain South Banning, who appeared in the OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY”, is a veteran ace pilot who led a famous team called “Immortal Fourth Platoon.” While he was a strict instructor of the main character Kou Uraki of the same work, he was a person who was admired as a reliable veteran senior.

The amphibious assault ship Albion, who was on a patrol mission in the 8th episode “Conspiracy of Silence” of the same work, encountered the “Cima Fleet” led by Cima Garahau. When Banning sorties with Kou and Keith, he uses skillful tactics to destroy enemy planes one after another.

Furthermore, Banning was ambushed by Cima on the Gelgoog M commander’s plane and was hit a little, but it was avoided by the splendid maneuvering technique that seems to be the ace pilot of the past. GM Custom, which is slightly inferior in performance, succeeded in repelling Cima’s Gelgoog M.

However, on his way back to Albion, a spark occurred from slight damage to Jim Custom that had hit his right abdomen. This ignited the leaking fuel and exploded. It caused severe damage to the inside of the cockpit and finally exploded with the aircraft.

The last time I visited Captain Banning, a veteran male, was too unfortunate. The damage that I couldn’t understand without looking back at the video was that I was hit in the battle with Cima, and when I first saw this scene, I didn’t know what had happened, and I have a stunning memory.

Speaking of convenience in the story, that’s right, but it was shocking that the reliable Captain Banning was not killed in action after a fierce battle, but it was an unlucky end like an accident.

Other than that, when you think of the unlucky end of Gundam’s work, you might think of Miharu of “Mobile Suit Gundam.” It may be said that it is a realistic depiction of war that seems to be a Gundam work, that it is not the conclusion of a fierce battle but the death of a sudden and unexpected event.

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