What is your favorite TV anime in 2022? 3rd place ‘Yamagami-chan,’ 2nd place ‘Bocchi the Rock!’, 1st place ‘Lycorice Recoil.’

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What kind of anime did you encounter in 2022? Some people may feel lonely, saying, “I still can’t get out of the loss after the final episode.”

Anime! The annual anime general election will be held at the end of the year. A survey entitled “What is your favorite TV anime?” received 8271 votes from December 1st to December 12th. From the number of votes that greatly exceeded the previous years, the amount of heat of the fans who were moved by the anime is transmitted.

The gender ratio is 55.2% male and 42.5% female, and many votes are from men. The age group with the most franchises was 19, 44.2%. Next, 11.7% are 20-24 years old, and 7.4% are 25-29. Compared to last year, the number of votes from teenage males increased significantly.

The original anime won First Place! 1st Place went to “Lycorice Recoil. ” With an approval rating of 12.3%, he was in first place with a difference of about twice that of second Place. The work depicts Licorice, a girl who belongs to the organization “DA (Direct Attack)” that secretly protects Japan’s peace.

The main character Senzoku Nishikigi (CV: Chika Anzai ) ) and Takina Inoue (CV: Shion Wakayama )) are centered on heartwarming daily life and fierce battles. Senzoku and Takina, who weren’t on good terms at first, gradually opened up to each other. Comments from the fans who voted included, “I’m glad that the bond between Senzoku and Takina deepened” and “Takina and Senzoku are just precious.”

The gap between daily life and battle is also attractive. I wanted to see it,” and “I felt that the content was appropriate for this year, as there was a strong way to live a precious daily life side by side with death.” Some people have experienced the unique feeling of an original work that cannot be predicted.

“Because it was an original anime, the ending was unknown, and the viewers felt a sense of unity.” I thought it was.” 2nd Place, 2nd Place went to “Bocchi the Rock!’. The approval rating is 6.2%. Hitori Goto, who is not good at socializing, starts practicing guitar to make friends with her. (Bocchi). Although his guitar skills had improved and he was recognized on the Internet, he spent his days alone. One day, about a month after he became a high school student, he was invited by Nijika Ijichi to become the assistant guitarist of the “Unity Band.”

The band activities that I longed for will begin. This work is based on a 4-panel manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara MAX.” In the anime version, scenes that were not original were added. It is best to be there!” Many fans sympathize with Bocchi’s shy temperament. “The reaction of the yin-kyara temperament to the extent that I could crossbow was very sympathetic and easy to empathize with.

The story is beautifully drawn.” The songs and performance scenes are attractive only because the work is based on the band. “It’s also hot that well-known artists provide music.” The fans highly appreciated it, such as “It is reflected.” 3rd Place went to “Jamishin-chan Dropkick X.” The approval rating is 5—9%.

The comedy depicts the daily life of the devil, the Evil God, who was summoned to the human world, and the female college student, Yurine Hanazono. In the 3rd season of the popular series, unconventional developments, such as the evil god trying to change characters and visiting various parts of Hokkaido, became a hot topic.

It is the official that showed the most unprecedented movement. Fans were moved by unconventional PR methods, such as allowing the posting of cutout videos of scenes in the works, making full use of hometown tax donations, and crowdfunding.

“There was a novelty that set it apart from previous anime,” “A unique work that allows you to enjoy it in a way that you can’t find anywhere else.”, It seems that there were fans who fell in love with the official content as well, such as, “I thought it was wonderful that the amount of heat that was trying to liven up the content outside of the anime was great.” Also, the comment tells us that the strategy was successful, saying, “The trigger was the official cutout on YouTube.

The appeal of the 2nd season is still alive and well, with voices saying, “It’s the same everyday heartfelt violence that you can enjoy with an empty head” and “It’s like a piece of white rice that you can enjoy no matter how many times you watch it.” was also sent—introducing other comments! “Chainsaw Man” ranked in 4th Place. “Faithful to the original manga.

The anime’s original scenes are also meaningful because they only ‘complement (deepen) the original'” and “I was worried about regulations, but thank you, MAPPA,” the original fans are convinced. It seems that it was The ED song that changes every week is also a hot topic, saying, “Every time the ending song is different, and the content of the story is summarized in the song, which is nice because it conveys

The passion of the creators for their work. Many comments evaluated the affinity with the song. The ninth-ranked “That dress-up doll falls in love” said, “Otaku is allowed! I love anime that affirms my feelings! ‘, ‘While wearing cosplay, I was taught that oshikatsu is a perfect thing.’

Some fans used the work as a source of inspiration, hoping that they would be able to recognize themselves for their hard work. Although he missed out on entering the top 20, there were also enthusiastic comments on “The Tale of the Heike,” which was broadcast in January 2022. “It was a work that made me reconfirm my fascination with Japanese history and classic literature.

The music and animation are all beautiful, and it’s a work that will continue to be passed down without fading. It was lovely to be left behind as something important or a memory for someone.” A 2022 TV anime is full of topical works. Broadcasting of notable titles and a wide variety of positions is scheduled for 2023, and it will likely be a year when anime will continue to stir our hearts.

You are announcing the Top 10 Rankings! [What is your favorite TV anime in 2022? ] 1st place “Lycorice Recoil” 2nd place “Bocchi the Rock! 3rd place “Drop Kick on Devil God X,” 4th place “Chainsaw Man,” 5th place “SPY×FAMILY” 6th place “Blue Rock,” 7th place “My Hero Academia (6th generation)” 8th place “Mob Psycho 100 III” 9th place “That dress-up doll falls in love” 10th place “Summertime render” Top 20 ranking announced! [What is your favorite TV anime in 2022? ] 1st place “Lycorice Recoil” 2nd place “Bocchi the Rock! 3rd place “Drop Kick on Devil God X,” 4th place “Chainsaw Man,” 5th place “SPY×FAMILY” 6th place “Blue Rock,” 7th place “My Hero Academia (6th generation)” 8th place “Mob Psycho 100 III” 9th place “That dress-up doll falls in love” 10th place “Summertime render” 11th place “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2” 11th “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War” 13th “SPY×FAMILY 2nd Cool” 14th “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean” 14th “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch” 15th “Made in Abyss” 16th place “Welcome to the Classroom of Ability Supremacy 2nd Season” 16th place “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you -Ultra Romantic-” 18th place “Idolish 7 Third BEAT! 2nd Cool” 19th place “Magic It has entered! Iruma-Kun 3rd Series” (Answer period: December 1, 2022, to December 12, 2022). Regarding the results, it is not the intention to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. On the contrary, this article will help you learn about new jobs and feelings and help you deepen your understanding and interest in them.

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