Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission the Mysterious Hooded Saiyan

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In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the Masked Saiyan was revealed to be none other than Goku Black, the counterpart of Son, who was created when Zamasu overtook his body in Dragon Ball Super. It seems that the concurrent Hooded Saiyan has been revealed with a new poster for the latest arc. With the Space-Time War Arc seeing Fuu creating a brand new universe to reshape creation, the latest storyline has brought back some major players from the past of Akira Toriyama’s Shonen franchise. It is sure to have more familiar faces arrive.

The Hooded Saiyan has been revealed to be either an alternate version of Goku or Goku’s father Bardock, sporting a Super Saiyan hairstyle that makes the warrior fit right in with the battles currently taking place in the latest episodes. This is far from the first time we’ve seen a Masked Saiyan appear in the Dragon Ball Heroes series, with Bardock once holding the mantle when the Dark Demon Dimension was the most significant threat on the block. Time Patrol. While the background of this new Goku has yet to be revealed, it will be interesting to learn more about this Hooded Saiyan that has assisted the Z Fighters.

Twitter User DB Hype shared this new poster for the “Big Bang Mission” that gives us a look at the face behind the Hood when it comes to the latest arc, joining the likes of Goku Black and the Time Patrol in the newest storyline that promises to change the world of Heroes forever:

One of the significant returns in the latest installment of Super Dragon Ball Heroes was Cell, the biological nightmare that has yet to make a return appearance following his death in Dragon Ball Z. Saving Goku and his friends from destruction following Goku Black setting the destruction of Planet Vegeta, Cell’s motives are mysterious but seeing him on the side of the angels is a significant departure for the character that Dragon Ball fans are dying to see him make a return appearance in the main series.

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