GUNMA Manga Anime Festa: 46 winners selected, 688 submissions for four divisions

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On the 23rd, the Gunma Prefectural Education and Culture Corporation, which hosts the “10th GUNMA Manga Anime Festa” to discover new media arts talents, announced the festival’s prize-winning works.

The grand prize of each category is Sakumi (address undisclosed, also won the highest award in the class), ZERO (Kiryu Daiichi High School 2nd year), Yuyu Yumeru (Ota Nishi Junior High School 2nd year), Rinari Zushi ( Ota Yabuzuka Honcho 6th grade) won the award. In addition, Nobukun (Otake City, Hiroshima Prefecture) won the 4-panel manga category, and Kamerikoko (address undisclosed) won the animation category.

The illustration category is ♪myu♪ (3rd-year student at Tomioka High School, won the Wacom Grand Prize), Zhou Yu (address undisclosed, also won the newly established Special Jury Prize), and Konnyaku Imo Poripoliman (address unknown). ), star cat. Mr. (Isesaki Hirose Elementary School 6th grade) was awarded. Hitoma Ichijo (address undisclosed) was selected from the manga category for the newly established COMIC Ryu Award.

Six hundred eighty-eight points were collected from 566 people aged 7 to 67, and 46 points were awarded. This time, on the occasion of the 10th milestone, the recruitment target will be expanded from people living in the prefecture, attending school, and working to nationwide. In addition, voice actor Atsuko Tanaka (from Maebashi City) was invited as a special judge, and two awards were newly established.

The business group, the festival executive committee, and the prefecture sponsor the festival. The 144 prize-winning and selected works will be exhibited at the Prefectural Office Kenmin Hall on February 11 and 12 next year and will be available on the Festa website from the 4th of the same month. In addition, the award ceremony will be held at Gunma Kaikan (in the same city) on the 11th.

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