Which OP / ED song do you like the most in the TV series, from ‘First’ to ‘ZZ’? Introducing three songs!

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Since the broadcast of “Mobile Suit Gundam” in 1979, many fans of a wide range of generations have loved the Gundam series for over 40 years. Speaking of such “Gundam”, the various characters and mobile suits that appear in work and the “theme song” that colors the result are indispensable elements.

Therefore, let’s pick up and introduce three songs from the theme songs of the following TV series from “First” to “ZZ” this time!

Shobe! Gundam
“Shobe! Gundam” is the opening theme of “Mobile Suit Gundam”. It is a theme song that is just like the theme song of 70’s robot anime, which is familiar with the lyrics of “Burning up-Gundam”. A song with an impressive intro such as “Pompon Pop on Pompon”, starting with the SE of the sortie sound (or firing sound). In the 9th episode of the anime, which is a significant milestone in the story, a subtitle with the same name as the song title was given.

With love for the water star
“With love to the water star” is the late opening theme of “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”. It is also known as the debut song of Hiroko Moriguchi, a big hit in the Gundam song cover album “GUNDAM SONG COVERS” series. The glittering and impressive intro and the lyrics that made me feel sad were perfect for the worldview of the work. In addition, it has become so popular that it won first place in the Gundam song category in the “Announcement! All Gundam Grand Voting” conducted by NHK.

It’s not an anime-an an old earthman who forgot his dream.

“It’s not an anime-an an old earth man who forgot his dream-” is the opening theme of “Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ”. Although it is anime’s theme song, it is a song with an impressive phrase that repeats, “It’s not anime!”. It is a bright song among all the Gundam songs, and it is an image that is similar to the comical of the previous period of the work. It seems that the lyrics, “Our world is not peeked out with glasses called common sense, old earth people who have forgotten their dreams,” capture the perspective of the main character, Judau.

So far, we have introduced three songs from the past theme songs from First to ZZ. All of them are impressive masterpieces. What is your favorite theme song?

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