Is the ‘Former Four Emperors’ Big Mom Pirates a Zako group? This week’s manga/anime news ranking

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The manga/anime community has also been buzzing with various topics this week. “Maijitsu Enta,” which delivers seasonal issues, introduces the most talked about manga and anime news this week (until 10/27 delivery).

  1. Is the “Former Four Emperors” Big Mom Pirates too weak? From the captain to the executives to a biting dog…
  2. Highly praised for the tempo of the second episode of the anime “Chainsaw Man”! Fans of the original work can’t help but return the palm of their hand
  3. “HUNTER x HUNTER” serialization does not get excited… Voice of disappointment at the battle of “I don’t know.”
  4. “ONE PIECE” Aokiji kidnapped Pudding!?
  5. Anime “Dai no Daibouken” is finally the final episode! Reiwa anime fans roar at the shocking “Bitter End.”

“ONE PIECE” touches the contents up to the latest episode.

This week’s most talked about topic was an article about the nationally popular manga “ONE PIECE.”

Just the other day, “ONE PIECE” concluded the Wano country edition, and the situation in the world changed utterly. Readers are also rating various pirate groups based on the developments so far, but the stock of the “Big Mom Pirates” seems to decline.

Speaking of “Big Mom Pirates,” from the whole cake island edition to the Wano country edition, the existence greatly afflicted the “Straw Hat Pirates.” The members are full of powerful abilities, and the captain, Big Mom, who leads them, is a formidable enemy with the title of Former Four Emperors.

However, looking back calmly, the image of such a “strongman” easily collapses. Speaking of the “Big Mom Pirates executives,” Luffy and Katakuri, who cornered him, are impressive. Still, the defeat scene is drawn in the frontispiece, “Germa 66 no Ah Emotionless Kaiyuuki”.

In vol.18, “Caesar’s Hallucinogenic Gas!!”, there is a depiction of Caesar’s ability to kill Oven, who is also an executive. As a result, Caesar and Germa seem to have successfully escaped.

Also, in vol.21, “Purin was kidnapped!!”, Cracker, one of the three sweet generals, appears. He was frozen in ice by someone’s ability, and the painful mistake of kidnapping Pudding was depicted.

Despite the absence of a captain, the “Big Mom Pirates” have been defeated one after another in a situation where they are based and have a full lineup of executives. The readers could not hide their disappointment at this.

Adding to the blow is the end of Big Mom. She jumped out of Whole Cake Island and went on a rampage in Wano Country. She teamed up with Kaido to hunt down Luffy. In the end, however, she is defeated by the duo of Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd.

Despite being close to the pinnacle of pirates, they were defeated by the “Worst Generation” that had nothing to do with the “Straw Hat Pirates.” Yet, from the readers, even voices of sympathy are raised.

In the first place, the “Big Mom Pirates” was treated like an accessory in the Wano Country arc in terms of story. I’d like to see him regain his dignity when he reappears in the future, but…

Next, let’s talk about “Chainsaw Man,” which is attracting attention worldwide.

It touches on the contents of the anime “Chainsaw Man.”

The second episode of the anime “Chainsaw Man” (TV Tokyo, etc.), “Arrival in Tokyo,” was broadcast on October 18th.

In the second episode, Denji is taken by Makima and arrives at “Devil Hunter Tokyo Headquarters.” Denji will belong to “Public Security Exorcism Special Section 4” and will be entrusted with work with Aki Hayakawa, who will be her senior. So she is, but Aki beats her, and she is threatened to “quit her job.”

After that, Denji agrees and is assigned to Aki’s unit at the voice of Makima’s crane. He is teamed up with Majin Power, who is in the same unit, as a buddy, and the devil hunter industry gets into full swing.

Episode 2 features Aki and Power, who will be the main characters in the future, but what should be noted is the sense of tempo. Last time, about 50 pages of the first episode of the original work were carefully visualized, and it was said that the beat could have been better. Still, in the second episode, the story unfolded as if it was folding.

In terms of the number of episodes, it digests from the 2nd episode to the middle of the 5th episode of the original and has a structure that packs about 75 pages of content into one episode.

Of course, some depictions were cut from the original work to achieve that sense of tempo. Simply put, the battle with the “muscle demon” in the parking area Denji and Makima visited had disappeared entirely.

Although it is a fairly significant change, most viewers accept it favorably. “The muscle devil was cut, so the story was smooth,” and “the muscle devil was sacrificed to get the best tempo…”.

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