Who is the ‘Minions’ Japanese dubbed voice actor? The role of Scarlet is that ‘ideal boss.’

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In commemorating the release of the latest work of the popular series “Mi” ions Fever” b” Universal Studios x Illumination Studio, “Mi” ions,” w” ll be broadcast on Fuji TV from 7:00 pm on July 18.

A spin-off work “Mi” ions” w” the Minions, a popular character in the “De” picable Me” s” ries, as the main character. Actress Yuki Amami will join the Japanese version, Yuki Himura and Osamu Shitara of the laughing combination “Ba” anaman” (“y the way, MinMinion’svorite food is banana), Hiroyuki Sanada, and others from the “De” picable Me” s” series. Mr. Shofukutei Tsurubin and Mr. Mamoru Miyano, who are appearing, still show their presence in this work.

In this article, we will introduce the Japanese version of the voice actors and the characters.

“De”picable Me” “”i”ions” s”ries

“De”picable Me 3D” (“0)
“On” Despicable Me Minion Crisis” (“3)
“Mi”ions” (“5)
“Mi”ions His Part-time Job Operation” (“6)
“De”picable Me’Me’snion Great Escape” (“7)
“Mi” ions Fever” (“released July 15)

“Mi” ions Part-time Job Daisakusen” i” a short film that was screened at the same time as “Pe.” “Mi”ions” S”synopsis

A yellow mysterious creature minion who loves bananas, familiar as a companion to the main character of the “De” picable Me” s” series. Minions, which existed long before humankind, had the habit of serving the strongest bosses of their time, but they just failed and did not last long, and there were no bosses to help.

Amid the loss of purpose to live and the danger of destruction to the clan, Kevin, the big brother, Stuart, who is full of bananas, and Bob, the sissy, set out on a journey to find the new strongest boss. When they arrive at the venue of the Great Rogue Festival, where villains gather from all over the world, they meet the worworld’srst female villain Scarlet Overkill.

Japanese dubbed voice actor.

Scarlet Overkill / Yuki Amami

Scarlet Overkill is the “bo” s” t” at minions who have been searching for the strongest boss in each era met in the United States. She was the worworld’srst female villain and she appeared as a protagonist alongside Minions. Her appearance is Audrey HepHepburn’syle, and while her personality is aggressive if things don’t go the way she wants, sheshe’sso a romanticist and loves her hushusband’srbs.

The dubbed cast of the same character is actress Yuki Amami. At that time, Sanno University announced every year that it was ranked first in the womwomen’stegory of “id” al boss chosen by new employees” f” r five consecutive years, so to play the “st” most extended boss (ideal boss).” “t was decided to be appointed as “pe” fact.”

“Yuki Amami becomes the strongest boss! “Mi” ions” J” Japanese dubbed version voice actor decided.

Also, at the Los Angeles premiere, two shots of “Ja” an-US boss” b” Sandra Bullock and Amami, who were in charge of the role of Scarlet in the English version, were realized. At this time, it was also announced that Hiroyuki Sanada would be the narrator for the Japanese dubbed version.

Meet Yuki Amami & Sandra Bullock “Mi” ions” L” Premier! Announcement of Hiroyuki SanSanada’spearance

Osamu Shitara will play the Nelson family that the minions meet during their journey. Yuki Himura of the comedy combination “Ba” anaman,” “yaka Fujita who was active as a child actor at the time, and the theme of “Ki” Etsu no Yaiba.” “he is Lisa, a singer known for her songs.

For the two Bananamen, Shitara is in charge of the famfamily’sther, Walter Nelson, and Himura is in order of his son Walter Jr. Nelson. It seems that he was appointed because “Wa” ter Jr. NelNelson’ssuals were very similar to Himura,” “nd at the cast presentation, Mr. Himura himself “I “think he drew me.” I” seems to be convinced.

By the way, the two Bananamen challenged the dubbed voice actors of the characters that look exactly like the re-tag work “Pe” o” Illumination Studio and Universal Studios.

And the role of sister Tina Nelson was Mr. Fujita, who was attracting attention in yogurt commercials at that time. Mr. Fujita, who was the first challenge to her voice actor, said, “I “as surprised but happy.”

“Bananaman decides to dubbed a “si” ilar character” c” st together.

Lisa, a famous anime song singer, is in charge of her mother’s voice, Marge. Lisa, who professes to be a minion fan, was surprised to receive an offer to appear directly from the minions and was very impressed with the request, saying “I’ “I’mppy! I’ll do my best!” T” was her first appearance in the series, but she has since appeared in “De” picable Me 3’s3’snion Great Escape” a “d has also participated in the latest “Mi” ions Her Fever” a” a dubbed cast.

Singer Lisa is very impressed with her first dubbing offer in her animated movie “Mi” ions”!

Herbal role / Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano, a famous voice actor, cannot be missed when dubbing casts of Illumination Studio works. Mr. Miyano, a “re” ular voice actor” w” o has also appeared in the past series, played in this work the husband of Scarlet and the super cool inventor Herb. At the time of the cast announcement, he commented, “He” bs are an adult role with both astringency and playfulness, so it was quite a challenge.”

“y the way, Mr. Miyano played the role of Playboy Antonio in the second “De” picable Me 2″ s” ries “De” picable Me 2″ a “d the role of the robot Clive in the third “De” picable Me 2″. “n “Mi” ions Fever,” “e is “a “Iker who helps minions in the middle of touring.”

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