YOU & Takashi Fujii, best friends for 20 years, co-starring anime voice actors ‘I’m looking forward to the live-action version.’

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Media personalities YOU and Takashi Fujii attended the dubbing event of the anime movie ” Kikansha Thomas Aim! Dream Champion Cup” (directed by Jason Groh & Campbell-Brier, to be premiered on March 10th) in Tokyo on the 1st.

A race event will be held on the island of Sodor, the hometown of Thomas and others, and the story will bring together racers who boast of speed from all over the world.

The two, who have been best friends for 20 years, were in charge of the voices of twin high-speed trains Farona (YOU) and Frederico (Fujii), who came from Spain as Thomas’ rivals. Two people provoked Thomas and others with high-handed lines, dubbed with a look of breath, such as laughing at each other.

When YOU said, “When I heard Fujii-kun’s voice, I thought, ‘That’s how it goes,'” and Fujii also said, “I’m honored to be able to play the role of twins with YOU.” When YOU joked, “I’m looking forward to the live-action version,” Fujii responded, “I’ll have plastic surgery,” making everyone laugh.

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