The legend of Ryunosuke Kamiki’s voice actor, the reason why both masters and fans love ‘Summer Wars’

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The work “Summer Wars “will be the last of the Friday Road Show “Mamoru Hosoda SP for three consecutive weeks “and will finally be broadcast tonight.

The stage of the story of reality and virtual space is reminiscent of director Hosoda’s latest work,” Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime,” released today, and this work depicting the hot “battle” between analog and digital that unfolds in it will be removed from the release. It is a work that is still very popular after 12 years.

One of the highlights of this work is Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays the main character, Kenji Koiso. Mr. Kamiki, who has appeared in many famous works, including this work and is now widely known as a voice actor, accepts anime voice actors from other than the main business, which tends to cause repulsion quite positively. It is one of the rare beings.

What kind of background did you have to get there?

Let’s look back on the history of Mr. Kamiki’s success as a voice actor.

I think that he is widely known as a voice actor because of the large number of appearances and because the appearances have become famous works that remain in the history of anime and movies.

Tracing its roots, the first challenge for an anime voice actor was “Spirited Away” in 2001, which set a box office record unprecedented in the history of Japanese movies at the time of its release. Similarly, in Ghibli’s work, he also appeared in “Howl’s Moving Castle,” released three years later.

Since that time, Mr. Kamiki has already been active as a child actor. Born in 1993, the realistic young voice that can only be produced at that age, which was around ten years old, left a strong impression on people in both works in which the same famous actors appeared all over the place.

However, one of the significant turning points for Mr. Kamiki to continue to play an active role as a voice actor was the starring work “Summer Wars.”

The play of Mr. Kamiki’s voice, which had already changed his voice at that time, was the first for those who saw the above two works, but the book including the famous “Thank you very much !!” Many people once again liked the “voice that looks raw but doesn’t come out of the anime” in the film.

Even if the “voice that only children can make,” which is a privilege, disappears, the play of his voice will continue to work. The significant impact was that he re-appeared in Ghibli’s work in “The Borrower Arrietty” and starred in “Your Name,” which caused a crucial social phenomenon since “Spirited Away.” It led to a surprising appearance in “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version: ||,” which recently exceeded the box office revenue of 10 billion yen.

Just looking back in this way, Mr. Kamiki has been appointed one after another by directors Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai, Hideaki Anno, and other famous directors representing Japan. There is no doubt that the anime film industry highly trusts the play of that voice.

At the same time, I think that even among anime fans watching movies, they have accumulated absolute trust in the appointment of Mr. Kamiki as a voice actor.

Also, I think that the process by which Mr. Kamiki gained absolute trust from anime fans was greatly influenced by his activities other than voice plays.

It is an appearance in live-action works of manga and anime.

In the nostalgic one, he starred in “Detective School Q,” and in the recent one, he played the role of Sojiro Seta in the “Rurouni Kenshin” series. In addition, Mr. Kamiki has appeared in many live-action works of famous original works such as “Bakuman.”, “March Comes In Like Lion,” and “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamonds Can’t Break Chapter 1”.

It is a live-action version of a 2D character that makes you feel uncomfortable. Still, even there, Mr. Kamiki makes you think, “If this character exists …”, an excellent “translation” to 3D and its persuasion. With its power, it has been highly evaluated by fans of the work.

It is a live-action version of a popular manga/animation that is more likely to be repelled by fans than “appointing an actor as an anime voice actor.” Still, even there, there are not many negative voices in the evaluation of Mr. Kamiki.

This kind of career and recognition as a three-dimensional actor, which is almost two-dimensional, has accumulated the trust of anime fans, “If Kamiki-kun plays …” from a vector different from the voice play. I think it is a significant factor.

Of course, the basis for building such a career and gaining the trust of anime fans is that Mr. Kamiki himself had the power as an actor and the personality that fans loved.

However, in addition to that, as a voice actor of animation and a track record as a live-action actor of 2D works, Mr. Kamiki gradually seems to be 3D and 2D. It was also great that people began to embrace the image of being an entity that connects 2D and 3D.

As one of the results, I was surprised that Mr. Kamiki appeared as an existence that connects fiction and honesty in the scene that changes from 2D to 3D scenery at the end of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version: ||.” It was awe-inspiring that there was no discomfort in what I did.

Recently, Mr. Kamiki has been supported by a broader fan base. He can glimpse his manga lovers, anime lovers, and game lovers through YouTube channels and various interviews.

Be sure to check out the new voice play 12 years ago at “Summer Wars,” which was a significant turning point for Mr. Kamiki’s success as a voice actor.

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