5 Reasons K-Pop Groups Have Multiple Comebacks in a Year

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Nowadays, KPop is not something foreign to the broader community. The Hallyu wave that continues to grow has also brought the K-Pop industry to be more successful in the world’s eyes.

As K-Pop spreads all over the world, idol stars continue to release their latest works. Multiple comebacks are familiar.

Competition is getting more challenging, the popularity of each idol star must always be maintained and improved. That’s why many K-Pop agencies decide their stars make more comebacks through EPs or mini albums.

Besides popularity, what are the reasons for these K-Pop groups to make multiple comebacks in a year?

  1. Popularity competition among idol groups

Maintaining the popularity of idol stars is undoubtedly the main thing that must be considered. This is also why many K-Pop groups make more than one or two comebacks in a year.

Every month, there is almost always a new group debuting. So, of course, this makes the competition in the K-Pop industry even more challenging.

This popularity can be obtained in various ways. Some of them, such as comebacks with unique concepts, songs that dominate multiple music charts, and album sales in the first week.

  1. Proof of agency power

Not only popularity, to hold multiple comebacks in a year, the strength of the capital owned by the agency also needs to be considered.

The power of capital was conveyed by Park Jinyoung or JYP in the Park Jinyoung’s Party People program, which aired on SBS in September 2017.

He said if popular singers could spend around 150 to 300 million, Korean won for one comeback. This is equivalent to Rp. 1.9 billion to Rp. 3.8 billion.

With no small amount of capital, of course, only certain agencies can make multiple comebacks in a year. If an agency can make multiple comebacks, this becomes a ‘strength’ for them.

  1. The more you appear in public, the less easily forgotten

Along with the development of the times and technology, the intensity of idol groups appearing in front of the public is also a concern. For example, if an idol group has multiple comebacks in a year, they can appear in public more often.

The more comebacks you make, the more spotlight you will get. However, if it is done otherwise, they may be ‘forgotten.’

According to Joongang Ilbo, multiple comebacks are the best way to make idol groups unforgettable. This is because if the comeback is made only once a year, the absence of the idols will make the public switch to other stars. When the hero returns, maybe the public will start to ‘forget’ the star.

  1. The ‘mysterious’ side of K-Pop stars has changed

Again, the times and technology have encouraged K-Pop idols to appear in public more often. As a result, the ‘mysterious’ side of idol stars in South Korea was more often shown to the people in the past.

However, when accessing various kinds of content has become easier with the presence of the internet, the ‘mysterious’ side has begun to shift. Now, fans can feel closer to their idol.

There are many platforms that idols use to interact with fans. Now fans can feel the sensation of directly chatting with their heroes in a chat room, like chatting with their friends.

  1. Variety shows as a place of promotion as well as to continue to be discussed

It’s not new anymore if KPop rookie to senior groups has their variety shows or reality shows. Some of them have started it since before their debut.

Various activities of idols can be accessed and watched by fans almost every day. This is where fans can see the other side of their hero. Of course, this is something that fans like.

Interesting variety shows or reality shows indirectly become a promotional event for the group to the public. In addition, if the uploaded content is in the spotlight, the group can also continue to be discussed.

The intensity of appearing in public is the main point in the multiple comebacks of K-Pop groups. In intense competition, maintaining the image and various ways of promotion must be done.

However, the agencies also continue to be cautious. Because if this is done excessively, then idols can feel fatigued, which harms him and his group career.

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