‘Movie Doraemon’ Favorite work ranking! What is the first place that surpasses ‘Wan Nyan Space-Time Den’?

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“Movie Doraemon,” tells a deep story that adults can enjoy in an exciting and epic adventure. Many people have a strong feeling for movie works that have a different charm from TV animation.

From May 14th to 27th, 2021, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “Which is your favorite” movie Doraemon “work?” In this survey, we received a total of 2872 votes. Thank you for your many options! Let’s take a look at the results.

  1. Nobita’s Wan Nyan space-time biography

The third place was “Nobita’s Wan Nyan Space-Time Den.” With 174 votes, 6.1% of the votes were collected and ranked in 3rd place. The stage of this work is the earth about 300 million years ago. This work depicts the events in “Wan Nyan Kuni,” which was born when Nobita took stray dogs and cats with nowhere to go in the past. In the comment section, impressions such as “I saw it at the movie theater while crying from the beginning to the end” and “I cried because of farewell to Ichi.”

  1. New Nobita and the Iron Man Corps-Habatake Angels

The second place was “New Nobita and the Iron Man Corps-Habatake Angels-.” With 184 votes, he got 6.4% of the votes and ranked in 2nd place. This work is a remake of “Nobita and the Iron Man Corps.” In addition to the appearance of a new character Pippo, the depiction of the hostile force Mechatopia has increased, the treatment of AI Judo, the brain of Zanda Cross, has changed, and some developments and settings not found in the original and old works have been added. I will.

  1. Nobita and the Iron Man Corps

The first place was “Nobita and the Iron Man Corps.” With 229 votes, which is 8% of the total, he won first place and achieved a one-two finish with the remake work. The stage of this work is a mirror world created by personal tools. This work depicts a fierce battle with the Iron Man Corps that came to invade the robot planet Mechatopia to enslave the Earth people. In the comment section, there were voices such as “The Iron Man Corps is the best. Ruru is the best!” “I can’t buy a DVD because I cried when I picked it up.”

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