Multidimensional Control Mechanism Yodaka releases full animation MV for ‘Night Flight’!

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Multidimensional Control Mechanism Yodaka has released the music video for “Night Flight.”

Multidimensional Control Mechanism Yodaka is a solo project by former Fish Life frontman Naohiro Hayashi.

Fush Life is a rock band that won the Grand Prix at “Senkou Riot 2013” and disbanded in 2018. In recent years, Hayashi has been active as a musician, providing songs for DIALOGUE+, tipToe., Air Attic, etc. On August 24th, Hayashi released his first EP, Multidimensional Control Mechanism Yodaka, “PILOT”.

The other day, they held a live show with bassist Tomoya Tabuchi (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN / THE KEBABS) and drummer Hiroyuki Suzuki (THE KEBABS) as support, which became a hot topic.

The music video released this time is a fully animated work created by up-and-coming animator ROTUS, who fell in love with “Night Flight” and volunteered to do it.

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