Who is your favorite “Lohengram camp” character in Legend of the Galactic Heroes?

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The anime “Legend of the Galactic Heroes” is based on Yoshiki Tanaka, whose OVA and theatrical version were produced from 988 to 2000 and gained great popularity. From 2018, a new animation with a wholly redesigned character design will be produced, and it is a masterpiece that has been loved for a long time. Many unique characters played an active part in the epic drama in which two great powers, the Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance, wage war in space.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce five characters from the characters belonging to the Lohengram camp of the Galactic Empire.

Reinhard von Lohengram
“Reinhard von Lohengram” is the main character on the Galactic Empire side in this work. Born the eldest son of the Empire’s lower aristocrat Sebastian von Muzel, he lost his mother at an early age and grew up downtown with his sister Annerose. Later, when Annerose was called to the back shrine of Emperor Friedrich IV, he questioned the current system of the Empire and aspired to be a soldier.

He has the brains to be called a genius of everlasting victory, is good at tactics and wisdom, climbs up to the marshal at an unusual speed, and becomes the chief commander of the Imperial Army and the Chancellor of the Empire. Later, at the age of only 23, he became emperor and became the first emperor of the Lohengram dynasty, Reinhard I.

Siegfried Kircheis
“Siegfried Kircheis” is Reinhardt’s aide and one-of-a-kind best friend and can be said to be half-body. When he was a child, he met Reinhardt and Annerose’s sister and brother. When Annerose became the emperor’s princess, he went on to aristocratic childhood school with Reinhardt, who vowed to overthrow the emperor.

Since he became a soldier, he has always been with him, and Annerose has given him tremendous trust, saying, “If you can’t speak, Reinhardt will be over.” He is also a kind and talented staff member, and many fans miss his premature exit.

Wolfgang Mittermeyer
“Wolfgang Mittermeyer” is an imperial soldier named “Gale Wolf” who leads a fleet specializing in speed. With his best friend Oskar von Reuental, he is an excellent admiral called “the two heroes of the Imperial Army.”

He joined the camp as he was saved by Reinhardt and eventually climbed to Chief Marshal of the Loengram dynasty. He has a bright and fair personality and is also a beloved wife, and the episode of his proposal to his wife gives a glimpse of a naive side.

Oskar von Rental
“Oskar von Rental” is a beautiful imperial soldier with black right eyes and blue gold and silver youth eyes (heterochromia). He has a cold personality that is the exact opposite of his comrade Mittermeier. When he was about to be killed by his mother when he was young, his past has become traumatic and distrustful of women, with some distorted feelings.

While he is a very talented admiral, he has his own firm beliefs and pride, which makes him different from Mittermeier at the end of the story, but his friendship changes. Did not.

Paul von Oberstein
“Paul von Oberstein” is Reinhardt’s staff and a cold Machiavellian. He has a mindset that emphasizes efficiency. Although not much liked by his surroundings due to his ruthless words and deeds, he was a very talented tactician and significantly contributed to Reinhardt’s supremacy after Kircheis’ death.

At first glance, it looks like a human without blood and tears, but unexpectedly, I take over an old dog that I can’t go to and live with it, and even now, I care about taking care of the dog. A glimpse is one of his great attractions.

So far, we have introduced five significant characters from the Lohengram camp. The Lohengrin camp, which is blessed with abundant human resources, has other talented and attractive characters. Who is your favorite character from the Lohengram camp?

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