‘Deep Insanity’ media mix started, game distribution scheduled for September, animation broadcast planned for October

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Square Enix announces new media mix project “Deep Insanity.” While setting the stage in an everyday world in TV anime, manga, and games, we will develop stories with different time axes in each media. The manga is currently being serialized, the game will be distributed in September, and the TV anime will be broadcast in October.

The “Deep Insanity” stage is a world where the unexplained disease “Randolph Syndrome” that suddenly falls into a coma is widespread. At the same time as the disease outbreak, the giant underground world Asylum, which is the cause of the disease, is discovered in Antarctica. There were strange creatures and unknown resources that were different from the ground. People set foot in Asylum to solve Randolph’s syndrome and obtain massive wealth from local organisms’ genetic information and underground resources. Norimitsu Kaiho and Makoto Fukami are working on the draft of the worldview. From January 2020, the manga “Deep Insanity” by Etorouji Shiono has been serialized in the monthly Big Gangan (SQUARE ENIX).

This time, it was also revealed that the official title of the work is “Deep Insanity NIRVANA.” “Deep Insanity NIRVANA” is the first story in the time series of the three works developed in the project. Serge, a boy with exceptional resistance to illness・ Sol, Antarctica’s Everything Shop Hildegard Oluin Piada Yamada, the two people who unintentionally challenge Asylum explore the mystery of Randolph Syndrome and Asylum. Volumes 1 and 2 of the book will be released at the same time on September 25th.

The title of the anime version is “Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD.” Set in an era located between the manga version and the game version, the main character, Shigure, Daniel, and Kaoru, who plays Hiro Shimono, challenges the front line of Asylum with a sure wish in mind. Shin Oonuma of “The Misfit of Demon King Academy-The Founder of the Strongest Demon King in History, Reincarnated to Go to the School of Descendants-” is directed by Kento Shimoyama as the series composition and screenplay, and Kazuyuki Yamayoshi as the character design. SILVER LINK. Is in charge of animation production.

The game version of “Deep Insanity ASYLUM” depicts a world where the number of coma patients due to Randolph syndrome has reached an estimated 540 million worldwide. Yuichiro Umehara calls out to Wu Inominetas, the main character who survived the mass murder at the sanatorium, and Kanata Amane and Towa Tsuneyami, VTuber Hololive Production, are in charge of singing the theme song “Madromi.” To do. The distribution platform will be iOS, Android, and PC (Steam), and pre-registration is currently being accepted. From July 2nd, a preliminary experience session for Android devices will be held. Check the information page in SQUARE ENIX for details.

The official project website and official Twitter are open today on June 25th. Manga PV, game, and anime teaser PV have been released on YouTube.

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