‘MODEROID Fafner Marknict’ Review

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Good Smile Company’s plastic model brand “MODEROID” series “Fafner Marknict” was released on August 29th.

“MODEROID Fafner Marknicht” is a plastic model of the weapon “Fafner Marknicht” that appeared in the OVA “Fafner in the Azure THE BEYOND.” It is the second plastic model of “Fafner in the Azure THE BEYOND” following “MODEROID Fafner Marksain,” released in October 2021, and is also the first plastic model product.

This time we will introduce the charm of “MODEROID Fafner Market.”

From the final boss to the main character. What is “Fafner Marknicht,” the child of emptiness?

First, I would like to introduce what “Fafner Marknicht” is.

The animation “Fafner in the Azure” series depicts the activities of the main characters, Ikki Makabe and Soushi Minashiro, centering on the existence of human beings and their coexistence with the unknown life form “Festum.” The robot “Fafner” appears there is an operated weapon that counters Festum, and “Fafner,” called the Notung model of Ryugujima, is a gigantic body over 30 meters in the setting.

“Fafner Marknicht” appeared in the first TV series. Apart from Ryugujima, it is a Salvator model “Fafner” created by the human army fighting Festum and is also a brother machine of “Fafner Markzain.” Nicht, denial in German, was developed for “defeating as many as possible” and boasted overwhelming strength.

In the first TV series, he stood in the way of Ikki Makabe and others and reappeared in the movie “Fafner Heaven and Earth in the Azure,” where he battled with a significant change in design. In the second season of the TV series “Fafner in the Azure EXODUS,” Soushi Minashiro piloted it and showed remarkable performance in a joint battle with “Fafner Markzain.”

Then, in “Fafner in the Blue Sky THE BEYOND,” he appeared in the story as the protagonist.

“MODEROID Fafner Marknicht” reproduces an ominous and intimidating design with an asymmetrical body, massive arms, and a wing-like back unit.

On the other hand, the unusual joint movement and strength are very worrisome three-dimensional figures.

Check the package and contents

“Fafner Marknicht” is drawn on the package, showing an intimidating figure, and various poses are posted on the back.

“The package contains many runners and an instruction manual.” Some of the runner parts are pre-painted, and detailed color coding has already been done.

In addition, part of the transparent green has a silver coating on the back. This device prevents the molding color of the purple parts from penetrating during assembly and maintains the bright green color.

In addition, it comes with a wire that looks like an assimilation cable on the back and comes with orange parts that resemble the effect of Ruger Lance and a stabilizer during flight.

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